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Great Options for Best Friend Necklaces

Great Options for Best Friend Necklaces

Best friend necklaces are a wonderful way of celebrating the friendship between two women.  Wearing a necklace every day will always remind you of the friend you have made, and also make you feel like you can take a part of that important person in your life everywhere you go.  There are a number of great choices for best friend necklaces, from the classic to the more unusual.  Pick the one that best suits your personality and the relationship you have with that special friend.

One of the classic best friend necklaces is a pendant that appears to have been broken in two.  Each friend wears a piece, and the two pieces can interlock if they are brought together, symbolizing that your friendship makes you two pieces of one heart or soul.  These best friend necklaces come in a variety of shapes, from a heart to an oval or square.  Each piece of the pendant is hung on its own chain and worn by one of the friends.  There are even best friend necklaces of this type that are designed to be worn by three friends, with the pendant broken into three pieces instead of two.  The words “best friends” often appear on the pendant, but can only be read when all the pieces are brought together.

Another great idea for best friend necklaces is to buy matching pendants.  Choose a symbol that has some meaning to you and your best friend.  If you met at the beach, perhaps a beach sandal necklace for each of you is the perfect choice.  If you are both born under the same sign, consider birth sign best friend necklaces.  The ideas you can come up with for a unique choice of best friend necklaces that suit you and your friend perfectly are nearly endless and can be customized to just about any friendship.

Another great choice for a necklace is to choose a locket.  Lockets make excellent best friend necklaces because you can place a picture of you and your friend inside of the locket and always be able to look at it whenever you miss your friend or feel lonely.  These are a perfect choice especially if your best friend lives far away and you don’t get to see their smiling face very often.  Lockets make great going away gifts for best friends who are going to different colleges or if one is simply moving away.  They will become treasured gifts that are worn for a long time.

Best friend necklaces can be traditional or they can be just about anything you want.  They don’t even have to match; the important thing is that they have a meaning to you and your best friend.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t obvious to anyone else that you are wearing best friend necklaces; all that really matters is that you both know and you are both able to enjoy knowing what your necklaces mean.  

From expensive choices to an affordable piece of costume jewelry, best friend necklaces are all about the symbolism.  Chose the necklace that means something to you.

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