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Great Sources for Unique Checks Online

Great Sources for Unique Checks Online

Even in today’s electronic society, checks are still necessary for many different purposes.  Having unique checks will make your personal form of payment stand out from the crowd and truly represent who you are as a person.  There are plenty of options for unique checks that can reflect any aspect of your personality, from a team you love to a hobby you really enjoy.  There are so many choices for unique checks today that they hardest part is deciding which type you want to have.

Some of the unique checks on the market feature trademarked logos, images and characters.  This may limit the places where you can obtain them.  Certain companies that print checks have agreements with the trademark holders that allow them to exclusively offer that particular logo or image on the checks.  If you are looking for a specific type of check such as a team logo, you will need to find out which company offers these unique checks for purchase.  A few of the other checks that fit this category are Disney or other trademarked character checks, and large brands that have become iconic and lent their logo or image for merchandise, such as Coca-Cola.

Some of the most unique checks on the market today are the ones that you can design yourself.  New technology makes it possible for you to have your own digital photos placed on your checks, making them the most personal checks ever.  You can upload a photo of your grandchildren, your favorite pet, or even a landscape photo that you took of a favorite location.  The company will then place the photo on the background of your check, print them and send them to you in the mail.  These are the perfect choice if you want to be reminded of a favorite person or place every time you write a check!

Most of the places who provide unique checks for purchase are online or mail order.  Your bank or credit union probably has an agreement with a certain check printer to create a selection of checks for your account.  You should be able to order your checks anywhere you like, however, as long as they are approved by your bank.  Check with your financial institution to ensure it is ok for you to order unique checks.

Remember that you will have to provide personal financial information in order to get your unique checks, so be sure to choose a company you trust to print your checks.  There are many reputable companies that print unique checks, take a look at their feedback and reputation in the industry before you order.  

The many choices for unique checks out there make it easy to find the perfect checks for you.  You will have to pay a fee for these checks that is higher than the standard fee for basic checks at your bank, but for anyone who loves to make a statement, it is well worth the extra expense.  Your unique checks will say something about you every time you write one!

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