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A Guide to Blast Knuckles

A Guide to Blast Knuckles

Do you feel completely safe with the method of self-protection you have at your disposal? If you hesitated even for a second, the following information on blast knuckles just may interest you. Popular self-protection devices such as mace and pepper spray are not always 100% effective in warding off a would-be attacker, and can in fact, put you in more danger when used improperly. With blast knuckles, however, you’ll be ready when the moment presents itself with a device that is guaranteed to subdue any size threat.

What are Blast Knuckles and How Do They Work?

Blast knuckles are one of the most effective means of self protection on the market today. These devices combine the power of brass knuckles with the electric force of a stun gun to ensure you can stop any assailant who tries to turn you into a victim statistic.

Blast knuckles look very similar, and are worn in the same manner as brass knuckles, but there is a huge difference between the two devices. Blast knuckles come equipped with a power switch that, when activated by you, will send over 800,000 volts coursing through the system of your attacker. This force, which is very similar to the force of a police-issued stun-gun, will instantly incapacitate an aggressor, allowing you ample time to phone or run for help.

Anytime you feel vulnerable, just slip the blast knuckles over the knuckles of your hand, and if attacked, or if you feel threatened, just activate the power function to deliver the “shocking surprise.”

Blast knuckles are extremely safe to use (for you, not your would-be foe), and the voltage can never be turned on by accident. You can even use the device without the voltage feature to stun an individual using simply the force of the device.

Pepper spray and mace can certainly be effective self-defense devices, but if you want the very best in protection, blast knuckles are definitely the way to go.

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