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A Complete Guide to Boiled Wool Slippers

A Complete Guide to Boiled Wool Slippers

Comfort and durability are two terms that are seldom used simultaneously, but that’s exactly what you’ll get when you try-on and buy a pair of boiled wool slippers. Whether you’re working around the house or just relaxing in your favorite easy chair, these slippers will provide you with all day comfort and fit, at a price that won’t break the bank. And if you’re worried about wearing your slippers out too quickly, don’t. Boiled wool slippers are made from the very finest woven wool material and are guaranteed to last.

What is Boiled Wool?

Okay, I know what you’re probably saying, “What in the world is boiled wool?” Well, chances are you have seen, or even worn, boiled wool material in the past, but you probably didn’t realize it. Boiled wool is nothing more than heavy, durable woolen fabric that is gently immersed in water to shrink the fabric to a particular size or specification. The result is a soft, flexible, yet heavy duty fabric that retains its shape because the fabric fibers actually come together tightly during the immersion process. The technique used in creating boiled wool is done without the use of harsh chemicals of any kind. In fact, nothing at all is added to the water in which the wool is submerged and is 100 percent natural.

Are Boiled Wool Slippers Comfortable?

When you think of wool, you may picture the heavy, scratchy and uncomfortable sweater that your grandmother gave you on your 9th birthday, but in this case your perception would be all wrong. Boiled wool, because of the careful and methodical immersion process, is very soft, and because it retains its shape so well, it will always hug to the contours of your feet. No more slippers that stretch out after a couple of wears or constantly slip off your feet when it’s least convenient.

But aren’t they hot? Not at all. A common complaint about many brands of other slippers is that the feet become too hot and sweaty, and when you hear the word “wool” you probably think this brand is far from a solution. Actually though, boiled wool slippers are different. The fabric of boiled wool slippers keeps your feet warm at skin level for the warmth you want, but they also release any trapped in moisture to avoid the hot, sticky feeling of other slipper brands.

Where Can You Get Boiled Wool Slippers?

Although many companies may not use the exact phrase “boiled wool slippers,” this type of footwear is available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and can be found either online or in-store at hundreds of retail and wholesale shoe product outlets. A quick search on any Internet search engine will help you find a brand name and dealer near you.

If you’ve been searching for the right pair of slippers which are carefully and naturally made, will provide you with the supreme comfort you want and the rugged durability you need, then you simply must try on a pair of boiled wool slippers. Your feet will thank you.

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