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A Guide to Orchid Bouquets

A Guide to Orchid Bouquets

For those in the market for the perfect bouquet to send or deliver on a special occasion, they need not look any further than an exotic, lovely bouquet of fresh Orchids. . Known for their rare and delicate beauty, Orchids offer stunning bouquets that are not only crowd-pleasing, but easy to care for. Orchid bouquets, because of the variety of Orchid species, are the universally applicable flower, perfect for any occasion, or no occasion at all. From a bright bouquet of purple orchids at an event ceremony, to a fragrant yellow bouquet for a friend who’s just moved into her first home, the bouquet is the perfect way to tell somebody whatever it is you want to say.

The Orchid’s name derives from the Greek “orchis,” which is intended to describe bulbous shape of the Orchid’s roots. As members of the Orchidaceae family, Orchids are part of the largest flowering plant family on Earth, offering more than 25,000 species and 60,000 hybrid species to customers and cultivators worldwide. This record number of hybrids is due to the common cross-pollination of the extended Orchid varieties, which promotes and creates the new Orchid species without requiring the assistance of a botanical laboratory. However, many new Orchid hybrids have also been developed by botanists and orchid growers as well, and this has made the once expensive Orchid bouquet much more affordable and accessible to the general public.

When narrowing down the selection of flora you intend to use in your Orchid Bouquet, it’s best to have a good color scheme picked out. This can be done quickly and easily by looking at the occasion, and the person for whom you’re purchasing the Orchid Bouquet. For graduation, an Orchid arrangement in the school’s colors is sure to be a hit, and since Orchid varieties come in just about any color under the sun, you’ll easily be able to match your Orchid bouquet to the school’s color palate. Orchids are especially known for signifying fertility and mature love and affection. This makes Orchid bouquets the perfect gift for mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s day. The traditional colors used on mother’s day are pink, white, and purple, but no matter what color you choose, they’re sure to be a hit. For similar reason, Orchids also make fantastic gifts for new mothers celebrating the birth of their child, or expecting mothers getting ready to welcome the new addition to their family at a baby shower. The elegance and uniqueness of an Orchid bouquet communicates that care and thought went into the selection, while the orchid itself proclaims exceptional class and beauty. Orchids also make calming church décor at funerals and baptisms, adding sophistication to any event without being distracting to the ceremony.

Some of the most elegant and classic weddings feature Orchid bouquets. With the many different looks and colors of Orchids, the selection of Orchid bouquets is endless so it’s easy to pick out an Orchid bouquet that goes perfectly with existing color schemes and décor. The aromatic Stargazer lilies are said to express love and a pure heart and are quickly becoming one of the most popular flowers for brides. Known for their deep pink, and elegant white starburst appearance, they add a splash of enthusiasm and excitement to the ceremony without being too bold or harsh. Similarly, using Orchid bouquets as decorations around the church or reception area adds a beautifully exotic appearance, and fills the room with a beautiful fragrance.

Whether you want to send a bouquet to your secretary to let her know how much you appreciate her help, a close friend to show sympathy for his or her loss, or a child to express pride in their accomplishments, Orchids offer a beautiful way to say what you need to say.

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