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Hair Extensions Before And After: Do They Really Make a Difference?

Hair Extensions Before And After: Do They Really Make a Difference?

One of the delights of being a woman is the ability to make personal choices about your appearance, to play and have fun while exploring different options for makeup, clothing styles, and hair. Each woman is unique, and there are thousands of options available to allow you to express your own individuality through your appearance. Hair can be styled, colored, curled, straightened, and cut to fit your lifestyle as well as your style and tastes. For centuries, it’s been easy for women to cut their hair in order to change their appearance, but making hair longer required months and months of growing it out. That all changed with the invention of hair extensions.

Hair extensions are created of either human hair or synthetic fibers – or a combination of both. Synthetic hair extensions tend to be cheaper than real human hair extensions. They are available in a full spectrum of colors, from the natural and everyday to the extraordinary and unique. However, these cannot be straightened or curled like natural hair because the synthetic fibers cannot withstand extreme heat. Human hair extensions tend to cost a bit more, but are available to closely match your ethnic origin as closely as possible. You can also find ‘virgin’ human hair extensions, called such because they have never been dyed or chemically treated in any way, guaranteeing quality as well as freeing you up to dye your new extensions or alter them however you so choose without concerns of the hair being damaged by multiple treatments.

There are many different methods for applying extensions, from professional applications requiring weaving or specialty adhesives to simple clip-ins which can be applied in the comfort of your own home. Whichever method you use, hair extensions can give you the length or even the fullness that you crave in your hair.

Before hair extensions, your hair might be too fine or may even be thinning. Extensions fill out your hair, matching your own color and looking far more natural than wigs or other such hairpieces. A woman with thinning or fine hair can use hair extensions to gain a head of full, thick hair of any textures she chooses: straight, curly, or anything in between.

In the past, too-short haircuts couldn’t be fixed. Women were forced to wear hats for months as they waited for that bad haircut to grow out so it could be repaired by a skilled stylist. But hair extensions solve that problem. Now, a too-short or shoddily done haircut can be fixed within days by the application of hair extensions. After extensions, a pixie cut can turn into a natural, stylish bob – or something even longer, if you prefer.

Extensions add fullness to thin hair, length to short hair, and volume to flat hair. They’re an easy way to correct haircuts gone wrong. With hair extensions, you can even play around and test out a new texture. You can try out the curls or waves that you always wished you had – without having to spend hours with the curling iron. The difference is clear: hair extensions are a natural-looking, simple way for you to take charge of your own appearance and seize the look you’ve always wanted for your hair.

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