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How to Care for Down Filled Pillows

How to Care for Down Filled Pillows

Down filled pillows are the ultimate in luxurious comfort for anyone who likes a soft, malleable pillow. Because they are made from goose down and are not synthetic, they have particular care requirements. Down filled pillows are more expensive than synthetic pillows due to the type of filling they use; down can not be created in a lab, in spite of the many down alternatives that exist today. Thus your investment in down filled pillows needs to be protected with proper care and use.

Down filled pillows should be cleaned regularly, but not too often as frequent washing can damage them. To avoid the need to wash them more often than is advised, you should use a good pillow protector. This is in addition to your standard pillowcase, and can keep moisture and dirt out of your pillows. Buy a good quality pillow protector and it will be both comfortable as well as make your down filled pillows last longer.

Down filled pillows can be taken to a dry cleaners for what is probably the safest cleaning method. It can be expensive, but with the money you have already invested in your pillows it might be a worthwhile choice. Choose a dry cleaner with experience in cleaning down filled pillows for the best results. Ask how often they clean pillow and make sure they will guarantee no damage before you drop your pillows off.

It is possible to wash down filled pillows in a standard washing machine, but use caution. Use only the gentle cycle, and do not use bleach on your pillows. If your washing machine has a double rinse cycle you should use it to make sure all soap is fully rinsed out. Use only a small amount of a very mild detergent, and run the shortest cycle you can. Once the pillows are cleaned, you can dry them in your home dryer on low, which may take a long time. Be patient; damage to your pillows could be the result if you try to clean them too quickly. You can also hand wash them to be more careful and cautious, but rinsing is harder this way.

You should clean your down filled pillows about once a year, and most pillows should be replaced every two to three years due to dust mites and other allergens. With proper care, however, you can extend the life of your down filled pillows a little longer. If you want to keep them as long as possible, professional cleaning is probably your best bet.

In between cleanings, you can throw down filled pillows in a low dryer cycle every now and then to help kill off dust mites and reduce allergens. Check your pillows for pulls, tears or holes before you wash them or throw them in the dryer, as the agitation may cause them to rip further. You can easily repair small tears or holes with a needle and thread. When holes can not be repaired, it is time to seek out a new pillow.

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