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How to Choose a Canvas Printer

How to Choose a Canvas Printer

With a canvas printer you can create your own fine art right at home. Whether you want to turn family photos into wall art by printing them on canvas, or create your own digital art and print it out for display, a canvas printer will let you do it all. Canvas is the traditional medium for great art, and using a canvas printer lets you combine the best of both worlds: the great art medium of the past with the new technology of today.

Most of the available canvas printer models also print on a wide variety of other fine art media. They are top of the line photo printers and can create images so impressive that the viewer will hardly be able to tell they are looking at a print out. A canvas printer can handle anything from art reproductions to family photos, making them all look beautiful and ready to frame.

The average cost of a good canvas printer is relatively high; most of these are aimed at businesses who can recoup the cost of the printer through sales of printed materials. These expensive models are not usually aimed at the home use market. Fortunately, it is possible to find a much more affordable canvas printer that you can use at home if that is your need.

Commercial canvas printer models have a much higher output capability and can often print to larger sheets of canvas. They average around $4000-$5000 and are designed for heavy use and professional level quality. The home use canvas printer on the other hand runs around $500 in comparison. It will not create the sort of large prints that a commercial model can handle, but will provide a wide variety of art print types from photographs to canvas and be up the standards of most people.

A canvas printer is a great choice if you plan to create a lot of art or photographic canvas prints, whether for sale or for display. If you only need one or two canvas prints done, however, the investment might be a bit too much for you. In that case there are canvas printer services available that can create a portrait on canvas for you if you provide the original picture. The cost of this is far less than buying your own canvas printer!

In most cases, the purchase of a canvas printer really only makes sense for business use, but some artists who work in digital media and sell their work might find it useful. It can open up a whole to world of display and sale options for artists, and extra money can be had by making canvas prints of photographs for others on the side.

When deciding on a canvas printer be sure to compare the cost against the amount of use you expect it to get. For the average person, the lower end model is likely sufficient. If you plan to make a business out of using your canvas printer, the investment in a professional model is likely to be worthwhile.

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