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How to Choose a Check Scanner

How to Choose a Check Scanner

A good check scanner can move your business through the process of accepting payments more quickly and easily.  It reduces the time spent on verifying, imaging and processing checks to prevent any slow down in cash flow and also reduce the amount of time that employees must spent dealing with checks.  There are a number of different check scanner models on the market, and the type you choose will depend on a few factors.  One of the main ones will be the volume of checks that you need to process on a daily basis.  

For those who need to process a large number of checks every day, the highest end check scanners such as those used by banks are the best choice.  They should have a direct feed that holds a large number of checks at any given time and be able to read, scan, and image those checks quickly.  Some check scanners scan at a rate of 30 checks per minute while higher end models can reach 60 checks per minute.  For a very large volume of checks to be scanned, the 60 check per minute option is likely the best one.  The more checks you can process daily the faster work will be completed.

Another important factor in check scannning is the clarity of the image that results.  It is important that all of the details of the check are captured accurately including the signature, date, amount and payee.  A good check scanner should provide a clear image from which everythihg can be easily read and understood.  

For smaller businesses, there are affordable check scanner models that are single feed.  This means that rather than setting up a stack of checks into an automatic feed slot, you will feed each check one at a time into the scanner.  This is a good choice for those who need a check scanner but are on a budget and don’t have a great need to scan a large volume of checks.  Bear in mind that this will require someone to be there feeding each check one at a time, so conisder the number of hours that will be put into this when you compare the single feed options to those that feed many checks atuomatically.

Of course, reliability and accuracy are important factors as well, and when you choose your check scanner you will want to find a brand that is known for creating high quality products.  Fortunately, check scanners are manufactured by many of the same companies that we already know and trust as makers of high quality printers, scanners and copiers such as Epson.  Take the time to read the reviews on the available models before you make a decision and determine whether or not it has a good reputation among users – a name brand is not enough!  

The right check scanner is the one that will provide you with the quality and speed that you need while still fitting into your budget.  Review your needs and then compare them against the models available to find the perfect choice.

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