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How to Choose a Diamond Circle Pendant Necklace

How to Choose a Diamond Circle Pendant Necklace

A diamond circle pendant is a beautiful gift that expresses just how you feel about the recipient. Whether you are seeking the perfect birthday gift or a Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift, a diamond circle pendant is a great choice. There are many different choices for a beautiful diamond circle pendant, and there is one to suit just about every budget.

The budget is the best place to start when you are shopping for a diamond circle pendant for any occasion. Because the cost of jewelry can rise steeply and quickly, it’s best to set a top end so that you know what you are willing to pay. When you commit to a budget you are less likely to be convinced by a salesperson to spend more than you can afford. The price that you are able to pay will likely determine a few key factors in your diamond circle pendant selection. These are the size of the circle itself, and the size and quality of the diamonds set in it.

A smaller diamond circle pendant will contain fewer stones, which generally means it will be less expensive, but this is not always the case. Sometimes smaller stones set in a larger circle will cost about the same. The size of the stones is not the only factor in determining the cost of the diamond circle pendant either. The quality of those stones is a huge factor as well.

A large diamond that is of poor quality, with flaws or a poor color is less valuable than a smaller stone of excellent quality. Thus a diamond circle pendant that has beautiful, high quality diamonds set into it might cost more than a pendant with larger stones that are poor quality. Jewelers often prey on the fact that most people assume a bigger diamond is a better diamond, however, so be certain that you know the quality of what you are paying for.

The metal that the diamonds are set into can have some bearing on the value of the pendant as well. Generally, silver is the cheapest option, with platinum being the most expensive and gold falling somewhere in between. Diamond silver pendants can be found in all different settings, but are usually found in gold, white gold, or platinum. Silver is an unusual choice because diamonds are usually set into more valuable metal. The chain on which the diamond circle pendant is hung should match the metal of the setting.

Finding a beautiful diamond circle pendant is not hard with all the high quality choices available on the market today. You will probably find the best deal by shopping online, but many people still prefer to shop in person so that they can get a close look at what they are buying before they spend their money. Reputable online retailers are a safe bet in most cases however, and do provide the quality that they promise. Wherever you buy it, a diamond circle pendant is a gift she won’t soon forget.

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