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How to Choose a Flea Comb

How to Choose a Flea Comb

It is easy to tell if your pet has fleas: just look for the small red bumps all over their body. Another tell-tale sign is your pet constantly scratching themselves. Your pet may have picked up the fleas after a romp outdoors or from a visiting pet friend. Fleas are extremely annoying and need to be removed from your pet before they have a chance of jumping off into your home. A simple way to remove fleas from your cat or dog, especially if the infestation is not too bad, is to brush them thoroughly with a flea comb.

A flea comb is great because it is not intrusive and some pets actually find it relaxing to be brushed. Plus, with a flea comb you do not have to worry about using any potentially harmful chemicals on your beloved pets.  

Another great thing about using a flea comb is that they are perfect for young kittens and puppies that are too young to use prescription or over-the-counter flea medications, particularly if they are under the age of twelve weeks.

Choosing the right flea comb can be a bit hard, as there are many different varieties of flea combs. The best flea comb to choose is one that is designed to be used alongside the type and length of your pet’s hair.

Before you start using the flea comb on your pet, be sure to have a bucket or dish of warm water handy that has some dish soap in it and another one with fresh water. Do not fill these buckets or dishes to full with water. You will be dropping the fleas inside and if they are too full they will be able to climb out.  Once you have combed a stretch of your pet’s fur, you must then dip the comb in the bucket with the warm soapy water to ensnare the fleas, and then rinse the flea comb in the fresh water before using it again.

Once you have your pet settled nicely either on your lap or on the floor in front of you, you should take the flea comb and brush it through your pet’s fur starting from the head and working your way down. Do not forget to comb their ears as well! Brush out your pet’s fur gently and methodically. Soon you will see the small black fleas being collected on the flea comb. This is when you will drop the flea comb into the warm water and wash them off the comb. Then rinse off the flea comb in the clean water and start grooming your pet again. Once you are done brushing your pet’s head and ears, you can start brushing along their spine and then along their sides. Due to the amount of hair that your pet has in these areas, you will have to comb through quite a few times to get all of the fleas and you may have to do this at least once a day until the fleas are gone.

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