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How to Choose a Folding Desk

How to Choose a Folding Desk

For people who work from home even occasionally, or even just for anyone who needs to be able to have desk space available when they need it, a folding desk is a great option.  If you live in a smaller space, whether a small house or apartment, and don’t have a dedicated office space where you can set up a permanent desk, a folding desk is something to consider to solve the problem.  Letting you have a desk to work on when you need it and also gain the space back when you aren’t working, the folding desk is a modern solution to a uniquely modern problem: finding workspace where there is none.

There are a wide variety of folding desk choices on the market.  You can find them in many local furniture stores as well as from multiple online retailers.  When choosing a folding desk online, you should be certain to obtain the measurements of the desk both when open and when folded, to make sure it will fit in the space you have alloted.  Otherwise, you may have to ship back a large package which can be expensive.  If possible, try to view the desk in person before you buy online.

Most folding desk options are made of wood with some metal hardware that allows them to fold.  There are all kinds of wood finishes that you can select for your folding desk in order to match your home.  This is just the beginning, however, as there are plenty of other options to consider when selecting your folding desk.  

Of course, how much space you need for your folding desk is one of the main things to look at when you choose one.  If you simply work on a laptop and don’t need much other surface space, a small folding desk will work fine.  If you need to be able to have other equipment out on the desk, whether it is a scanner or simply a lot of paperwork, then you will need a folding desk that has more space to spread out, and possibly some shelves as well.

The method you choose to store your folding desk makes a difference too.  If you are really short on space, a wall-mounted folding desk is a great choice because you can get it completely out of the way when it’s not in use.  If you have some floor space and don’t need the desk completely out of the way, you can use a folding desk that simply folds up smaller out of the way.

The right folding desk is a combination of function and looks to suit your home as well as your needs.  You want to be sure that your folding desk does everything you need it to do, or you will find that you wind up spreading back onto the dining room table again!  A good folding desk will make work easier and keep your home workspace neat and tidy as well by keeping work out of the way and hidden when you are finished!

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