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How to Choose A Homeopathic Acne Treatment

How to Choose A Homeopathic Acne Treatment

Acne is a common condition that affects people of all ages as well as both men and women. A homeopathic acne treatment plan is one of the many ways to approach treating acne. Homeopathic medicine is a different method of approaching health from the conventional medical approach. While conventional medicine treats only the affected area, attacking the symptoms, a homeopathic acne treatment approaches acne through a holistic and natural path.

Holistic medicine treats the body as a whole, an organic system that works together to create and support good health. Homeopathic acne treatment is usually part of such a holistic approach. It uses treatments that work from within as well as directly on the affected area. One of the most common homeopathic acne treatment options is sulphur. Sulphur works as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to reduce the redness and swelling associated with acne.

Another homeopathic acne treatment that is commonly used is kali bromatum, otherwise known as bromide of potassium. This supplement is available from homeopathic pharmacies and is known to help treat many skin disorders including acne, psoriasis and others. Antimonium tartaricum is another popular supplement that is used to treat acne on a homeopathic level, especially acne causing large pustules.

While some acne is caused by hormones, poor diet can cause it to be worsened. Part of a homeopathic acne treatment approach involves eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water to encourage the acne to be healed from within. Replacing unhealthy diet choices with those packed with more nutrition and less fat and sodium will help to keep skin clear.

Which homeopathic acne treatment will work best for you depends on the type and cause of your acne. Some acne will clear up naturally over time as it is due to changes in your hormones cause by pregnancy, menstruation or puberty. In this case, treating the break outs directly with a choice like sulphur is a good option. If your acne is not the result of a transient state of hormonal change, a supplement might be a better option, along with diet changes. Of course, proper skin care is an important part of any acne treatment plan.

Homeopathic acne treatment is generally a safe approach to the treatment of a common problem. However, as with any supplement or medication, whether natural or not, it is best to consult with a doctor prior to starting any treatment plan or making any changes to current medications. Interactions between homeopathic and other medications are not uncommon, so be sure you know it is safe to use your homeopathic acne treatment of choice with any medication you are already using. It is especially important to consult your doctor before using any homeopathic acne treatment if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

When it comes to treating the common but annoying symptoms of acne, there are many options available. If you have not had any success with conventional treatments, or simply don’t want to use chemicals, then homeopathic acne treatment is probably a great option for you to consider.

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