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How to Choose a Leather Wine Carrier

How to Choose a Leather Wine Carrier

For any wine lover, a leather wine carrier is a must-have accessory that makes the perfect gift and takes the love of wine to the next level.  It allows you to carry your wine safely and securely, ensuring there is no risk of broken glass and loss of the precious contents.  For anyone who wants to bring wine to a party or gathering with as much style as possible, the leather wine carrier is the perfect choice.

Most leather wine carrier options have space for two bottles of wine.  They are carefully padded to make sure the bottles won’t hit each other during transport and will make it to your destination safely.  Strong leather won’t tear or break and allow the bottles to fall out, and is the best looking choice for any wine enthusiast.  A leather wine case usually has both a handle for hand carrying and a shoulder strap to help you keep your hands free without having to put your wine down on the ground.

You can choose a leather wine carrier in a variety of colors and styles to suit your preferences.  Classic black and brown as well as tan leather and other colors are available.  The shape of most leather wine carrier models is much the same, but the details of design can vary.  A good leather wine carrier will have reinforced stitching to make sure it doesn’t fall apart and a stiff lining that holds the wine bottles in place with very little shifting.

Many of the leather wine carrier choices on the market also offer some extras such as an included corkscrew, which can be very handy to make sure you don’t end up at that romantic beach sunset and find you can’t open the wine.  No matter where you are headed, having an extra corkscrew on hand is a good idea for any wine lover!

The leather wine carrier ranges in price from basic models around $50 all the way up to luxury models that come in close to $400.  The right choice for you of course depends on your budget and how often you plan to use the carrier.  If you plan to take it to places like picnics and to the beach, you probably don’t want to choose a very expensive leather wine carrier, since it will be exposed to the elements.  A cheaper model is a better bet for outdoor use.

A luxurious leather wine carrier in the higher end of the price range is perfect for those who often attend dinner parties, or for those who want to choose a great gift for the wine lover in their life.  No matter which end of the price spectrum you land on, look for good quality leather and be sure to protect it against the elements with a leather spray. 

A leather wine carrier is the most sophisticated as well as the safest way to transport wine. You can even have some models monogrammed for an extra touch of class.  Your wine will travel in style!

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