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How to Choose a Meditation Chair

How to Choose a Meditation Chair

For anyone who enjoys meditation and engages in it frequently, a meditation chair might be a good investment. Although you can meditate just about anywhere, being comfortable and relaxed are important factors in how successful your meditation will be. A meditation chair will align your spine just right, give you support and comfort, and allow you to truly leave the physical behind when you take the time to meditate.

Choosing a meditation chair is a very personal thing, much like selecting a bed. Everyone has something different that they find most comfortable. Like beds, some prefer soft and some prefer firm, while everyone has different support needs. The right meditation chair for you is the one in which you feel the most comfortable and at home.

The design of most of the chairs on the market allows for you to sit in the classic cross-legged position in which most people choose to meditate. This is the traditional posture and a wide base to the chair accommodates it. The meditation chair does not usually have legs, but sits on the ground to allow for the best balance and ensure you don’t fall off when you have moved into a meditational state. Some have a padded back while others do not. The shape of the back of the meditation chair varies from model to model.

The material from which your meditation chair is built is a personal preference as well. The two most common materials are wood and rattan or wicker. This is usually combined with a padded fabric seat. The fabric can come in many colors by white is the most popular choice by far. Some of the chairs have arm rests while others do not. If you do not meditate with your hands on your knees as is traditional, you might find that having arms on your meditation chair makes you much more comfortable.

There are even models out there that are designed for two, if you choose to make meditating a couple’s practice or try it with a friend. However as it is usually a solo pursuit the vast majority of chairs are for one person only. Every meditation chair on the market is designed with the purpose of adding to the peaceful experience of meditation. Their design is therefore generally simple and pleasing to the eye without being distracting. Most of the chairs will have very basic color palettes, with a lot of rich and also natural wood tones.

Choosing your meditation chair requires some trial and error. You will need to find the one that works just right for you. Unfortunately, they can be hard to find at local retailers, so if you order online be sure you know exactly what the return policy is. There is no point in being stuck with a meditation chair that you find it difficult to actually meditate in. Choose the meditation chair that you feel the most at home in and don’t worry about what other people have to say; this is one of the most personal pieces of furniture in your home.

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