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How to Choose a Men’s Dress Belt

How to Choose a Men’s Dress Belt

Choosing the right men’s dress belt can be challenging, as there are a number of variables that need to be taken into account, such as shoe color, belt width, material, and more. We’ll cover the basic rules that you should keep in mind, so that the next time you need to buy a men’s dress belt, you’ll know which one to purchase.

Belt Color

When choosing a men’s dress belt, you want it to match the shoes that you’re going to wear as closely as possible. In an ideal world, the belt and shoes would be made out of the exact same material, but that’s rarely the case, so try to get as close as possible instead.

Belt Width

Men’s dress belts should be on the thinner side, typically 1.25 inches in width. Anything wider than that, and the belt is going to be too casual. Thinner, and it’s probably not going to look right on your waist.

Belt Material

Most men’s dress belts are made of glossy leather, ideally full grain leather. You may see some suede dress belts, but those will be a bit more casual than a glossy leather belt.

More Information

While we’ve touched on a few of the basics to keep in mind, please consult the Ultimate Guide to Buying a Men’s Belt at BeltCraft.com.

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