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How to Choose a Portable Fax Machine

How to Choose a Portable Fax Machine

A portable fax machine works in much the same way as any other fax machine, except that it is portable.  With a fortable fax machine you can send a fax from just about anywhere, provided you have access to the correct phone line.  Today’s portable models allow you to even use your cellular phone to send a fax via your portable fax machine.  This means that you can send a fax easily no matter where you are, and you are no longer tied down to the office.

When you are shopping for a portable fax machine there are a few things you should keep in mind.  The first is where you plan to use it.  If you want to be able to fax from anywhere, including your car, the airport, or even the middle of a city park, then you need a fax machine that is compatible with cellular technology.  While most every portable fax machine on the market today is cellular compatible, some are not and so you should read all of the details of the unit before you buy.  

A portable fax machine that can run on a cellular connection is a fairly expensive machine, so you should be prepared to pay in the range of $700-800.  This will give you a high end portable fax machine that you can count on to send your faxes successfully, which is the reason to have such a machine in the first place.  Spotty performance will make your portable fax machine more of a problem than a solution, so be sure that you are picking one that can do everything you need it to do.

You should also find out what the cost of using cellular technology to send faxes will be and factor this into your portable fax machine budget.  It will require a monthly access charge on your cellular phone account that could be fairly high, so check into it before you buy.  

A good portable fax machine should be lightweight and durable – it should withstand the rigors of being taken with you everywhere you go and be able to keep functioning properly.  If it’s too heavy, you won’t find it very convenient to carry around.  Especially if you also carry a laptop and other equipment, you don’t need anything making your bag too heavy and uncomfortable.

If you find yourself needing to send a lot of faxes while you are out, the investment in a portable fax machine is probably well worth it.  If you don’t send many faxes or rarely discover that you need to send one when out of the office, then you might find them a little too expensive to be worth it.  You should weigh the costs agains the need to determine whether a portable fax machine is right for you.

A portable fax machine might be a little difficult to find, as file sharing has reduced the need to send faxes.  You will probably have the best luck shopping online to find the right one for your needs at a reasonable price.  

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