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How to Choose a Portable Hammock

How to Choose a Portable Hammock

For comfort and relaxation everywhere you go, there is no better choice than a portable hammock.  Whether you are just headed to a friend’s house to enjoy a beautiful summer day, or off for a weekend of camping, a portable hammock lets you take the best seat in the house with you where ever you go.  The portable hammock can go everywhere you go because it is lightweight and easy to carry; it’s also comfortable enough for use every day in your own back yard.  Choosing the right portable hammock will ensure you enjoy swinging and relaxing for a long time to come.

The portable hammock is a little different from standard hammocks.  Because it needs to be light enough to carry when folded up, you won’t find any made of the traditional hammock materials such as rope or fabric.  These fabrics are very heavy and wouldn’t work well for a portable material.  As a result, most portable hammock manufacturers choose lightweight fabrics such as nylon or mesh.  Both can be quite comfortable, but you might find that a mesh hammock breathes a little better than the nylon choice might.  Mesh hammocks often have a little more stretch to them, letting you sink into the hammock like you would a standard one.  

Most portable hammocks have a built in stand that lets you easily set them up wherever you go – no need to find a pair of convenient trees.  These stands are usually made of steel for durability and strength, but the metal frame can also increase the weight of the hammock.  Of course, you can also find the traditional type that are meant to be used with trees or other attachment points that don’t come with the hammock.  Most people find that a portable hammock with the stand included is the most convenient way to take a hammock with you everywhere you go.

There are also some portable hammock options that have added features.  You can purchase a model that includes a built in canopy to allow you to have a shady spot to rest in your hammock no matter where you are.  Even if there are no trees handy to provide shade, a portable hammock with a canopy makes it easy to relax out of the heat of the summer sun.  The portable hammock also comes in a chair version for those who would rather be a little more upright.  This is a great choice for hanging out by the pool with a drink in your hand or at your campsite watching the kids play.

Choosing a portable hammock is a matter of personal taste in many ways, and the most important things to remember are simple.  Choose a hammock made of a lightweight and easy to clean material, that is easy to set up and easy to fold down when you are done.  Look for a choice that is both light but sturdy and durable.  A portable hammock that isn’t easy to use or to carry really isn’t all that portable at all, so look for these features first.

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