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How to Choose a Portable Photocopier

How to Choose a Portable Photocopier

A portable photocopier is a convenient tool that allows you to create copies of any documents you need to no matter where you are.  This is especially convenient for those whose jobs take them out in the field a lot, but still require access to office equipment like a copier.  A portable photocopier goes anywhere you need it to and allows you to make good quality copies whenever and whereever you might need them.  It will save you plenty of trips to Kinko’s and also save you money in the long run!

There are a number of portable photocopier models on the market, and the price ranges from about $125 up to about $275 depending on the model you choose.  The difference in price will most likely be reflected in the quality of the copies as well as the size and true portability of the model you choose.  The right portable photocopier for you depends on what your copying needs are.  If you just need to be able to make quick copies of the most basic documents and having high quality is not an issue, than the lower end of the models is probably a good enough option for you, and will fit a tight budget better as well.  However, if you need high performance and quality out of a portable photocopier, than you will probably want to spend a little more money – it will be well worth it in the long run.

The high end portable photocopier will offer not only great print quality from an inkjet printing system, but also make copies quickly and efficiently.  You should also keep an eye out for the paper sizes that the copier works with; if you need to copy legal-size documents frequently you should be certain to choose a portable photocopier that works with that size of paper.  While most do, it is certainly not a universal rule, so be sure that you read the find print.  You should also check on the price of replacement ink cartridges for the portable photocopier you are looking at.   A lower price in the initial purchase might not be such a good deal once you take into account expensive ink cartridges!

The portable photocopier you choose should be truly portable – not just a small desktop copier.  Consider the weight and the difficulty of moving the copier around.  It’s best to see it in person in order to be sure you won’t find it too unwieldy.  You should also consider what other needs you have – a combination printer and copier might be a better choice if you need both functions on the go.  A portable photocopier alone does only one task, so consider whether you need a more multi-tasking machine.

You can purchase a portabel photocopier in most large office supply stores.  You will also find a good selection of them online, and often at reduced prices.  Shop around before you buy a portable photocopier to ensure you are getting the best price on the right equipment for your needs.

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