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How to Choose a Quesadilla Maker

How to Choose a Quesadilla Maker

Delicious homemade quesadillas are a convenient and tasty meal either at lunch or for dinner.  A quesadilla maker is a great way to create perfect homemade quesadillas without the mess and the fuss.  The quesadilla maker is a handy tool for anyone who loves this classic Mexican dish and makes quesadillas frequently.

The standard quesadilla maker is round and works much like a waffle iron.  It has to hot plates at the top and the bottom which apply heat to the tortillas and melt the cheese on the inside of the quesadilla while making the outside nicely browned and toasty.  There are other models of quesadilla maker on the market that also offer other types of features as well, making them even more useful.

A quesadilla maker with an included tortilla warmer is useful if you plan to have other types of Mexican dishes on the table in addition to quesadillas.  As the quesadilla maker itself will heat the tortillas as it cooks the quesadilla, keeping them warm is probably not necessary if all you plan to do is make quesadillas.  However, it is a great feature that makes the appliance a true multi-tasker for those who cook Mexican food a lot and hate having tools around that only do one job.

Many of the types of quesadilla maker out there also cook things like omelets and pancakes as well as other Mexican meals like fajitas.  A quesadilla maker that has many other uses is a good investment, allowing you to make all kinds of things rather than just one.

Most of the models on the market have a plastic outer casing and nonstick plates on the inside that make it easy to clean off any cheese that may have leeched out from your quesadilla during cooking.  Some may have a decorative Mexican style to them that makes them both easy to use as well as fun and festive.  Look for an exterior that stays relatively cool to the touch as it cooks to prevent accidental burns, especially if you have children who might want the chance to make their own quesadillas.

Choose a quesadilla maker with a ready light that indicates when it is heated up and ready to cook your food.  It should also have an auto shut off feature to avoid burning or damaging anything from overheating.  A good quesadilla maker will probably run you around $20-25; there is really no reason to pay more for this simple appliance.

A quesadilla maker is a great gift for anyone who loves Mexican food, and also makes the perfect housewarming or bridal shower gift.  While it’s often something people don’t think about buying, once they have one they will certainly enjoy the convenience and ease of use.  Stick to a brand name that you recognize when buying a quesadilla maker to be assured of durability and reliability, many large manufacturers of small kitchen appliances make a quesadilla maker.  A good brand name is something you can depend on no matter what you are buying!

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