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How to Choose a Refrigerator Thermometer

How to Choose a Refrigerator Thermometer

You depend on your refrigerator to stay cold and keep all of your food from going bad – but how do you know it is at the right temperature?  A good refrigerator thermometer can help you to make certain that your fridge is running at the correct level and keeping your food at safe temperatures.  Just because it feels cold when you open the door doesn’t mean it’s cold enough.  A refrigerator thermometer can give you the peace of mind of knowing the perishable foods such as eggs, milk, and meat are all being held at the proper temperature and won’t make your family sick.  Don’t trust your fridge to be at the right temperature; get a refrigerator thermometer to be sure.

Analog Refrigerator Thermometer

There are a few types of refrigerator thermometer, and the most basic type is a simple analog thermometer.  It is placed inside the fridge and gives a fairly accurate readout of the temperature inside.  You should place the thermometer towards the back of the fridge to get the most accurate reading, as cold air is lost every time the door is opened and the temperature towards the door is the least accurate or reliable.  Place the thermometer in the middle shelf towards the back, but not so far back that you can’t easily read it.

It is not a bad idea to have more than one refrigerator thermometer to read the temperature in different parts of the fridge.  Every refrigerator has warmer and colder spots, and having more than one readout of the temperature is the best way to determine the safest place to store the most delicate perishables.  Place one in the door as well to see what the temperature difference is.

Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

There are also digital options for a refrigerator thermometer available on the market.  These have the benefit of being easier to read, but they can cost a little more than the analog type.  Their accuracy is not necessarily any better than your basic refrigerator thermometer, but it is easier to read slight variations in temperature with this type.  This means you can better keep track of fluctuations in the temperature that may occur.  

Whichever type of refrigerator thermometer you choose, the important thing is to pick an accurate one.  It is better to pay a little more for good quality than to take your chances on a cheap model.  When your refrigerator is not at the right temperature, you risk such bacteria as salmonella infecting your food and making you and your family sick.  The cost of a better refrigerator thermometer is well worth it to avoid a potentially serious case of food poisoning.

Even if your fridge has a built in thermometer, it is best to add an extra refrigerator thermometer in order to ensure accuracy.  A poorly operating thermometer can be a costly problem in spoiled food and of course the illness it can cause.  Invest in a good, accurate refrigerator thermometer to ensure that all of the food in your home is safe for your family to consume.

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