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How to Choose a Seagrass Headboard

How to Choose a Seagrass Headboard

When it comes to bedroom décor there are literally thousands of options to choose from, but regardless of the direction you plan to take for your bedroom renovation, the headboard at the top of your bed will always be a focal point that demands attention. One very trendy option for headboard décor, especially for those looking for a softer, more natural look is the seagrass headboard.

What is a Seagrass Headboard?

Seagrass headboards are renowned for their unique texture and style. They are constructed using 100% renewable natural fibers which are hand woven over a hardwood frame of your choice. These fibers are both durable and stylish and add a warm, earthy feel to any room. Among the many features you can expect with seagrass headboards are:

  • Subtle and natural tone variations which are unique to plant fibers.
  • A mix of textures
  • Durable hardwood frame and legs which are expertly crafted by old-world furniture builders.
  • Frames covered with hand woven natural fibers and sealed to last and repel moisture with two coats of clear lacquer sealant.
  • Many colors and styles to choose from, including honey-colored tones and mahogany.

How to Choose the Right Seagrass Headboard for Your Bed

Once you’ve decided on a color and texture pattern for your headboard, you’ll need to select a size. When doing so, keep in mind that seagrass headboards are typically 4 inches deep and stand 56 inches high. Additionally they are available in the following widths:

  • Twin: 40 inches wide
  • Full: 55 inches wide
  • Queen: 62 inches wide
  • King: 78 inches wide
  • California King: 75 inches wide

Where to Find a Seagrass Headboard

Although there are a few isolated exceptions, seagrass headboards cannot usually be found in stores and retail outlets. Companies like Pottery Barn, however, do offer these beautifully crafted bedroom accents in both their catalog and on the internet. A quick search using any internet search engine will provide many links to companies who carry seagrass headboards in their furniture lines.

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