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How to Choose a Shower Stool

How to Choose a Shower Stool

Whether you have mobility problems or simply want to shave your legs without falling over, a shower stool can be a really useful tool.  There are plenty of different types of shower stools on the market, so choosing one that meets all of your needs should be easy enough.  With all of the different possibilities, it might take some time to weed through all of the options; learning a little about the different types of shower stool and who they are best suited for will make it a lot faster.

The most basic type of shower stool is a waterproof plastic one.  These usually have a rust-free metal on the legs and include rubber feet to prevent them from slipping around while you are sitting.  This is especially important if you have mobility issues, as you need your shower stool to be as stable and sturdy as possible.  The plastic shower stool usually comes in white, but that is where the similarity between models ends.  There are a number of different seat shapes and types.  The basic round stool shape is a popular choice, but wider rectangular seats also have a lot to offer, since they offer more seating space.  Some of these are contoured for extra comfort.  Finally, you can even purchase a shower stool with a horseshoe shaped seat to make personal cleansing easier.

If you have trouble getting in and out of the shower, a shower stool that has handles is a good choice for you.  This will help to keep you steady as you stand up and sit down in the shower.  It will also help you to stabilize yourself when seated on the stool.  Some of the shower stools on the market also offer a backrest for added comfort and stability.  While this may technically be considered a chair and not a stool exactly, they are often marketed as shower stools as well.

In addition to the plastic shower stools, you will find a number of wooden shower stools on the market that have a little more aesthetic appeal and look less like a medical device.  If you are looking for something to better fit your decor and don’t need a lot of extra features, a beautiful wooden shower stool might be the perfect choice for you.  Remember to look for properly treated wood that will not rot in the water of the shower.  Not just any wooden stool is safe for use in a wet environment!

If you are short on space, consider looking for a shower stool that folds away when not in use.  This is also perfect for shared showers where the other people in the house don’t want a stool in the way when they take a shower.  Convenient folding shower stools are available in multiple styles and allow you to keep your shower stool nearby whenever you need it without it being in the way.

The right shower stool will make your shower an easier and more pleasant experience, so take the time to shop around before you buy.

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