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How to Choose a Sleeping Bag Liner

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag Liner

The right sleeping bag liner can help to make sure that you are always comfortable and at the right temperature when you are sleeping outdoors or in.  A sleeping bag liner can provide added warmth and comfort for colder nights, while still allowing you to keep a lighter weight sleeping bag for those summer nights when you don’t want to overheat as you sleep.  There are a number of sleeping bag liner options on the market to suit every need.

If you are looking for a sleeping bag liner that provides as much warmth as possible, you should check for the temperature rating on the liner.  Lightweight fleece sleeping bag liner models are the perfect choice when you just need a little extra warmth, or to bolster a sleeping bag that is getting a little old and worn out.  Adding a fleece sleeping bag liner is a cheaper alternative to replacing your sleeping bag entirely.

Not every sleeping bag liner is designed to keep you warmer though.  There are several models on the market that are actually designed to keep you cooler.  This may sound strange, but with the modern fabrics available today, a liner can actually help keep moisture and sweat off of your body while you sleep by wicking away the sweat and moisture.  This is perfect for sleeping in hot or humid conditions where you don’t want to be exposed to the air but also don’t want to be sleeping bathed in sweat all night.  This type of liner will help to keep you cool by providing breathable comfort that keeps you dry as well.

Another great use for a sleeping bag liner is as a sanitary choice when using a used or borrowed sleeping bag.  Simple, affordable liners act as sheets inside the sleeping bag, giving you a clean surface to sleep on and also ensuring you keep a borrowed sleeping bag in good shape.  These are the cheapest liners on the market as they are not really designed to provide warmth or any special function other than acting as a barrier and keeping the sleeping bag clean on the inside.  Keeping a few on hand is great if you do a lot of travelling and use hostels to sleep.

Most good outdoor equipment stores will carry a wide variety of sleeping bag liner options.  You can also shop online to find the best selection and the best price.  Choose the sleeping bag liner that meets your needs and your budget; remember that if you really have a worn out sleeping bag, a liner can only do so much.  Choose to purchase a new sleeping bag instead if you are camping in extreme conditions.

The various types of sleeping bag liner on the market can turn your sleeping bag into the ideal place to spend the night, whether warming you up, cooling you down, or simply keeping you on a clean surface.  Choose a model that is machine washable so that you can keep your liner clean and ready to go.

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