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How to Choose a Swiss Army Alarm Clock

How to Choose a Swiss Army Alarm Clock

Different versions of the Swiss Army alarm clock are manufactured by Victorinox, a knife manufacturer based in the town of Ibach, Switzerland. While best known for their flagship product, “Swiss Army Knives”, Victorinox also manufacturers time pieces, luggage, clothing, cutlery and fragrances, among other things. The distinctive “cross and shield” emblem is symbolic of Victorinox and the Swiss Army brand.

An authentic Swiss Army alarm clock can be identified by the words “Swiss Army” printed on the dial of the clock. The inner workings of the clock are made from Swiss precision quartz, resulting in extremely precise time keeping. Most clocks are shock resistant and water resistant to 330 feet.

Swiss Army Alarm Clock Models

The following Victorinox products have alarm clock functionality:

A Swiss Army alarm clock can be purchased directly from Victorinox through their website.