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How to Choose a Waterbed Mattress Pad

How to Choose a Waterbed Mattress Pad

While some people are staunch believers in the benefits of a firm mattress, others take a slightly different philosophy to the best in nighttime sleeping comforts. These other individuals are those who believe in the ultimate comfort offered by water beds. True, these liquid mattresses are not for everyone, but for those that enjoy them, they believe there is nothing to provide a more luxurious and comfortable night’s rest.

There is, however, one thing to make that rest even more comfortable, and it’s having the proper waterbed mattress pad. These are thin pads that act as an extra cushion between you and the actual waterbed top.

Choosing the right waterbed mattress pad is relatively simple. You just have to keep several key factors in mind.

For one, size is crucial. If you purchase something too large or too small, it will never fit properly on your waterbed, and it will be a constant battle to keep the waterbed mattress pad flat and not twisted or bunched. This will be completely counterproductive to getting a good night’s rest. Therefore, carefully check that the sizing of the pad will align with the sizing of your mattress. If at all possible, buy from a vendor that allows returns. This way, if the pad ends up fitting improperly, you can return it for one that is a better match.

Also, never underestimate the convenience factor. Try to purchase a waterbed mattress pad that is machine wash friendly. If you have to run to the dry cleaner every time you want to wash the pad, that is eventually really going to add up, both in terms of cost and time. Find a high quality cotton option that is easy to throw in the washing machine as well as the dryer. This will make washing the bedding as close to hassle-free as laundry gets.

Be aware of your price limitations as well when purchasing a waterbed mattress pad. As with any article of bedding, there will be a wide range of prices available. Depending on the thread count and quality of the cotton or other material used, the pad can be cheap, expensive, or anywhere in between. As with any purchase, a little bit of research might be necessary. The two main factors will be quality and cost, and you’re going to have to look around for what retailer offers the best quality for the lowest price.

Once you’ve found a pad that fits your mattress, is easy to wash, and falls within your price range without sacrificing quality, the only factor left to consider is the thickness of that pad. Some people simply want a thin barrier in order to keep the mattress top as clean as possible. Others are looking for extra comfort and padding. Depending on your preference, you should choose an appropriately thin or thick mattress pad.

The last step will be to find a mattress pad that matches your décor. Go with plain white cotton for a classic look or something more colorful and daring.

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