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How to Choose a Wireless Printer Adapter

How to Choose a Wireless Printer Adapter

A wireless printer adapter can free you from the constraints of cables and allow you to send jobs to your printer wirelessly without having to hook up anything to the printer.  The wireless printer adapter can work with a variety of devices and allows you to have several computers print directly to your printer easily.  Choosing the right wireless printer adapter is easy enough once you understand how they work and how you can use one.

The most common type of wireless printer adapter is a USB port style adaptor.  These are simple to use and simply plug into the USB port like any other device would.  The wireless printer adapter can then connect to any computer on the network via a wireless router and allow them all to send print jobs.  There are a few other types of adaptors out there, but they are far less common than the USB type, and if you are seeking a wireless printer adapter a USB device is probably the best option since it is the more universal and generally the easiest to use.

You can also select a wireless printer adapter that uses Bluetooth technology, the same technology used in your wireless cellular phone headset.  This allows you to send print jobs to the printer even in the absence of a wireless router and can even connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices such as your smartphone or PDA.  As the Bluetooth connectivity improves along with the technology, this type of wireless printer adapter is likely to become more and more popular and even overtake the USB style wireless router adaptor.  It gives more freedom and even more usefulness.

If you only plan to print on a wireless network and don’t have any other Bluetooth devices nor do you plan to get any in the future, the standard USB wireless printer adapter will probably be a great choice for you.  Otherwise, you should take a look at the Bluetooth option.  It is likely to become the main type of wireless printer adapter in a few short years’ time and will allow you to do a lot more and work remotely from many more devices.

There are a large number of models on the market in both the USB and Bluetooth adaptor types.  They are manufactured by just about every big name in wireless and printer technology.  Narrowing down the choices is best done by reading the reviews found on sites such as Amazon where real people will share with you their experiences with the product.  You want a wireless printer adapter with a good range, that is durable and reliable.  If it is constantly dropping the connection or simple not working than it won’t do you much good – you might as well use a cable.

A good wireless printer adapter generally falls in the $40-60 range, although you can purchase them for as low as $15 online.  Bear in mind that is with most things, you will get what you pay for, so be willing to pay a little more for quality.

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