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How to Choose a Zippered Mattress Cover

How to Choose a Zippered Mattress Cover

A zippered mattress cover does a lot more than just protect your mattress from stains and humidity. It also protects you from things like dust mites and bed bugs that can hide in your mattress.  A zippered mattress cover provides the best possible protection against these and other common mattress problems.  Because it covers the mattress completely, rather than simply over the top and sides, it can prevent anything from getting into your mattress from all angles.

The zippered mattress cover you select depends on your needs.  If you have concerns about spills, or for a child’s mattress who might have night accidents, you will want to choose a waterproof zippered mattress cover. In addition to protection against allergens and bed bugs, this type of mattress cover will also prevent liquids from getting through to your mattress.  Once a mattress gets stained it is almost impossible to clean out, and odors are hard to remove.  Protecting it by using a waterproof mattress cover is the best way to prevent these problems from occuring in the first place.

If allergies are your main concern, you will want to find a zippered mattress cover that can block as many of the allergens as possible.  This means selecting one with a very small pore size to trap allergens.  A pore size of 2.8 microns is about the smallest you can expect to find.

Of course, your budget is a consideration as well, and you may do just as well with a slightly larger pore size in your zippered mattress cover.  The smaller the pore size and higher the quality, the more you can expect to pay for a zippered mattress cover.  Many mid-grade covers will do a good job for the average person at a fairly reasonable price.

Other factors to consider are the fabric that the cover is made of.  Common fabrics include cotton, linen and polyester.  You will also find vinyl mattress covers which provide the ultimate in waterproofing. For those who prefer organic cotton, zippered mattress covers are also availabe made from this eco-friendly product.  Organic cotton will generally cost more than regular cotton.  Cotton is a very popular fabric for mattress covers because it is so soft. Polyester, however, provides a smaller pore size for fewer allergens.

Waterproof zippered mattress cover options can be made of various fabrics, and include a membrane that prevents water from reaching the mattress.  This differs from a vinyl cover since it provides a soft, breathable surface that feels more like sheets and won’tcause you to be uncomfortable and sweaty. 

The right zippered mattress cover for you depends on how much money you want to spend, how concerned you are about allergens, and whether or not you require waterproof capablities in your mattress cover.  Consider all of these factors and then choose the cover that meets them all as much as possible.  A good zippered mattress cover will last for a very long time and ensure that your mattress lasts a long time as well; consider it an investment not just in a mattress cover, but in your mattress as well.

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