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How to Choose an Alphabet Stamp Set

How to Choose an Alphabet Stamp Set

Are you looking to add an alphabet stamp set to your crafting tools? Are you perhaps a teacher looking for a stamp set to help your students learn their letters? A visit to a craft store or crafting-related website could provide you with several options that might each have its own merits; it is important that you select the best stamp set to fit your requirements, and the requirements of the children who may be using it.

The Type Of Materials Used

The type of alphabet stamp set that you select should be made of a material that can withstand the type of use that it will be exposed to. For example, if you plan on simply using your stamp set with your scrapbooking projects then you perhaps may not need an exceptionally heavy-duty set. However, if you will be using your stamp set with your children, or in a classroom setting, then it would be a good idea to opt for a more sturdy set that can withstand the use of multiple children who may be less than delicate with them.

You will have the following options available to you:

  • Foam stamp sets
  • Wooden stamp sets
  • Acrylic stamp sets
  • Plastic stamp sets

Select the material that will best suit your project needs.

Types Of Alphabet Stamp Fonts

There is a wide range of fonts available in alphabet stamp sets so it is important to select the type of font that will work best for your project or educational needs. A set that includes upper and lower case lettering is often an excellent choice, especially when it comes to teaching children their alphabet.

If your needs for your stamp set is as a part of your crafting kit, you may want to consider a calligraphy or otherwise ornate font that can add just that much more elegance to your projects. Children may find that a plain and easy to read font is the best teaching tool so keep that in mind when selecting your alphabet stamp set.

Available Sizes

Just as there is a wide variety of materials and available fonts, there are many options to choose from for stamp sizes. From the size of the stamp block itself to the size of the letters that are stamped out onto the paper – your choices are near endless!

The thing that you should keep in mind, again, is who will be using the alphabet stamp set; smaller children may find it easier to grip larger stamp blocks that stamp out large letters. While you may prefer a smaller grip on your stamps if you are going to be using your stamps for crafts; just keep the nature of the project and the block users in mind when you are shopping for your stamp set.

While alphabet stamp sets can provide you with a lot more flexibility in your crafting projects, if you will be printing several words and phrases fairly frequently you may want to consider opting for a rubber stamp that already has the words and phrases on it – just for your ease of use! As always, the types of stamp sets that you purchase will depend largely upon your individualized needs.

Photo courtesy of MOVED! (flickr.com/photos/theinfinite).

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