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How to Choose Decorative Wall Panels for Your House

How to Choose Decorative Wall Panels for Your House

There are many ways to dress up the walls of your home, and decorative wall panels are only one of them. In spite of their reputation as being a dated décor theme, decorative wall panels are much more today than the faux wood panels of days gone by. Today you can choose decorative wall panels that are modern, attractive, and make your home more beautiful.

Today’s decorative wall panels have gone a long way beyond knotty pine and fake oak. No longer a look that screams outdated, you can use them to create a very unique look that can’t be replicated with paint or wallpaper. Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, there are decorative wall panels that can make it happen. From avant-garde and very modern to simple and tasteful, the wide variety of styles are perfect for creating something truly special in your home.

Three dimensional decorative wall panels can create a sense of shape in the room that flat walls simply can’t achieve. With interesting patterns and colors ranging from basic white to the most vibrant shades, these panels literally jump off the wall and will make you guests want to reach out and touch them. You can choose from such three dimensional decorative wall panels as faux stone and brick looks that are tempered by the use of clean white or interesting colors, crocodile skin looks that give an organic appearance, or even more unusual effects.

One of the more interesting types of decorative wall panels are the water and steam style. These are like having a water feature that is almost a part of the wall! They have a thin layer of water that runs down the surface to bring a whole new aspect to the room or can even create steam effects. These are perfect for a room with a pool table and a bar, or for a sunroom or other relaxing evironment. They are even great for use in a bathroom. They let you add a water feature to your home in a big way without being obtrusive.

There are also glass decorative wall panels that can make a really big impact, especially when frosted or colored. These give a cool almost undersea feeling to a room even without any water involved when tinted blue. Imitation stone, leather and fabric panels are all popular choices as well. And yes, you can still get those imitation wood wall panels if you really want them; they come in more modern styles but you can also go for a retro look if that is what you are after!

Decorative wall panels are a simple change that can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. They can be pricey, but for the style they impart they are well worth the expense. If you aren’t satisfied with the flat look of paint and don’t like the look of wallpaper, then the three dimensional effects that can be created with decorative wall panels are for you!

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