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How to Choose the Best Maternity Overalls

How to Choose the Best Maternity Overalls

Comfortable and stylish maternity clothes are sometimes difficult to find. For mothers-to-be who don’t want to deal with elastic waistbands or stretched-out tops, maternity overalls can be just the thing. Thankfully for those considering a pair or two of maternity overalls, the fashion world has seen a recent increase in cute and stylish one-piece clothing. Jumpers, rompers, and overalls are seen on stars and starlets, on set and on screen and even on the catwalk! You’re not likely to find runway-ready maternity overalls, but the selection has definitely become much more cute and fun recently.

Maternity overalls are comfortable and practical. They can also be dressed up or down. Plain denim maternity overalls are great for daily wear. Maternity overalls in fun prints, bright colors or fabrics like corduroy can be worn over a variety of tops to make a bold fashion statement or look adorably casual-chic. Craftier moms-to-be with time on their hands can make a pair of maternity overalls all their by adding buttons, decals, accents, bright patches, embroidery or even fabric paint. Baby-themed humor, sweet sayings or cute decorations can turn your maternity overalls from practical clothing to a lifelong keepsake. Hang them up in baby’s room for an adorable memento of the pregnancy!

Choosing the Maternity Overalls For You

The type of maternity overalls you choose depends on what you intend to do with them. If you want a pair to decorate as described above, look for maternity overalls on the cheap side. Secondhand stores like Goodwill and other thrift shops often carry a good deal of maternity clothing and maternity overalls. Find one with a color you like that can serve as a canvas for your intended project.

If you’re looking for maternity overalls for daily wear, look for a sturdier, more durable pair. These might be a bit more expensive, but it’ll definitely be worth it for something you’ll want to wear all the time! Your choice of maternity overalls should also depend on the season. If your pregnancy falls mainly in warm months, maternity overalls made of a light fabric or even with short or Capri-length legs are a good idea. If you want maternity overalls to wear in the winter, look for long pant legs and thick material. Maternity overalls are great for a variety of temperatures because they can be worn over cool summer shirts or warm sweaters.

If you’re more concerned about style when looking for maternity overalls, consider different fabrics and colors. A dark green pair of maternity overalls in suede or corduroy is dressy and classy paired with a black turtleneck and silver jewelry. A pair of bright maternity overalls in a bold print and a light swishy fabric is cute, cool and fun during summer months. No matter what maternity overalls you choose, they should reflect you, your personal style and your individual attitudes about your identity and pregnancy.

Where to Find Maternity Overalls

Once you’ve decided what type of maternity overalls you want, finding them is the next step. If you don’t mind ordering maternity overalls without trying them on first, the internet is a great place to find them. You can begin with a basic Google search for “maternity overalls” to find sellers of maternity overalls online, or you can look at the catalogs of major maternity clothing retailers like Motherhood Maternity, Lane Bryant and IMaternity. Large clothing stores like Target, Ross and Wal-Mart also carry maternity overalls in various sizes and styles.

If you want a perfect pair of maternity overalls for a special occasion or want them decorated in a custom, personalized way to celebrate your pregnancy, you can order your dream maternity overalls from an artist on Etsy.com. Their “alchemy request” feature lets you describe exactly what you want, and then skilled artists will bid on the project by suggesting prices and ideas. Whether you want a pair of maternity overalls made form scratch from fabric of your choice or a pre-made pair decorated just so, Etsy’s talented artists can help you find your perfect pair of maternity overalls.

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