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How to Choose the Best Plant Of The Month Club

How to Choose the Best Plant Of The Month Club

For anyone who loves greenery, a plant of the month club is a great way to expand your experience, discover new plants and learn more about them and about gardening as a whole.  A plant of the month club is a club that sends a new plant to the members each month in the mail.  They are generally a one year subscription which can be renewed at the end of the year.  In most cases there is no choice about which plant you will receive each month, as all members will receive the same plant. You may, however, have the option to cancel a shipment if the plant in question does not appearl to you.  In other cases, the monthly plant may be a surprise.

Choosing the right plant of the month club from the available choices is simple if you know what you are looking for in your membership.  Start by determining what sort of plants interest you. Do you enjoy houseplants and want to tend them without having to worry about the weather or dealing with working outside and getting dirty?  Or do you much prefer the exterior gardening experience, where you can get your hands in the dirt and create a lovely garden out of your yard?  This will determine which type of plant you want to receive from your plant of the month club.

You should also be sure to seek out a plant of the month club that offers plants which will grow well in your area. Especially for outdoor plants, choosing plants that survive well in your climate and soil is essential to successful gardening.  Those plants that will thrive in hot climates will not fare so well in wet, cool climates.  When choosing a plant of the month club for outdoor gardening, be sure that they take into account the area in which you live and do not simply ship the same plant to all areas of the country.  You may be disappointed when the plants do not grow successfully.

Some plant of the month clubs may send out very small seedlings, well others ship larger plants. Which you choose depends on your skill in gardening and plant care and how much effort you want to put into it.  Replanting can be a lot of work, and if you don’t want to do it repeatedly, you will want larger plants.  If you prefer to nurture the plant from very young, or know exactly where you will put it for good, then seedlings may be a good choice for you.

You should also know what the rules are for terminating your plant of the month club memebership.  Some may have fees involved, and if you any reason you need to cancel you may be out some money.  Read the fine print before you decide to join, or you could find yourself in a difficult situation if you do need to cancel your membership.

The right plant of the month club can bring plant lovers a great deal of enjoyment – so be sure to take the time to choose wisely.

Photo courtesy of Corey Leopold.

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