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How to Choose the Best Shotgun Safe

How to Choose the Best Shotgun Safe

If you keep shotguns in your home, you need to have a proper shotgun safe in which to store them. Statistics show that accidents involving shotguns in the home happen far more often than they should, especially with children. A good, high quality shotgun safe will ensure your guns do not fall into the wrong hands.

Safety is not the only reason to invest in a good shotgun safe. For those who have multiple shotguns in the house, these guns are often a valuable investment that can be worth thousands of dollars. Some guns are family heirlooms that have been passed down from person to person and are invaluable to their owners. Preventing theft of your guns in a break in is best achieved by the use of a shotgun safe in which you can store all of your valuable guns.

You can purchase a shotgun safe in a number of different sizes and styles. The first consideration when you are selecting a shotgun safe is the capacity of the safe. How many guns can it hold and of what size? While it makes sense to choose a safe that can hold all of your current guns, it’s also a good idea to consider a larger safe that has room for additional firearms you might purchase in the coming years. You don’t want to have to purchase a new shotgun safe because you obtained a new gun or two; the cost of the safe makes it much more logical to purchase one that is larger than your current needs.

There are two types of locks on shotgun safes: the standard dial and the digital. For reliability, the dial models are the better choice as they are less likely to encounter malfunctions than digital models. For this reason they are generally recommended, but if you decide on a digital version, just make sure it’s a high quality model.

Another thing to consider when you purchase a shotgun safe is whether you will bolt it to wood studs or a concrete floor. Choose a safe that allows for a number of options for installation, and make sure it’s secure. There is no point in investing in a shotgun safe only to have a thief simply pick up the whole thing and make off with it.

Your shotgun safe can also protect your valuable firearms in the case of a fire. Make sure that the safe you choose has a high fire rating that allows it to withstand the high temperatures of a fast burning house fire to keep your guns safe.

The right shotgun safe for you is a combination of all of the above factors. Security, the ability to withstand heat, and of course the ability to fit all of your gun collection with room to spare are the main elements you should consider when you shop for a shotgun safe. Once you make the investment, you will be able to rest easy knowing your guns are safe from the wrong hands and also secure in an eventuality.

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