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How to Choose the Best Talking Bathroom Scale

How to Choose the Best Talking Bathroom Scale

For many people, reading the numbers on a traditional bathroom scale can be difficult, either because of poor eyesight or because they are unable to see the display while standing on it.  The talking bathroom scale is a great solution to this problem, as it will provide an audio reading of the weight that makes reading the scale unnecessary.  It is no longer necessary to try to guess exactly what an analog scale is reading or to bend down to read the numbers on a digital screen.  The talking bathroom scale will annouce the accurate weight and take the work out of it.

Choosing a talking bathroom scale is easy if you know what you need out of a scale.  Like most scales they come with a few main features.  The most basic talking bathroom scales will provide a simple readout of weight and usually have the option to weigh yourself in either pounds or kilograms.  When choosing a talking bathroom scale, you should be sure to check the maximum weight that the scale can handle and ensure that it is well over your weight so that you will be sure to get an accurate reading of your weight.

Another thing to consider when choosing a talking bathroom scale is the increments that it gives weight in.  Some scales go in increments of half of a pound, while others may offer increments as small as .2 pounds.  If you want the msot accurate weight possible you will want to look for the scale that offers the smaller increments.  Otherwise, you will have to guess at your exact weight.  

A good talking bathroom scale will also have a loud enough audio capability that it is easy to hear and also be very clear in it’s readings.  If the audio is not clear it can be easy to mis-hear certain numbers, such as fifteen and fifty – which is a very large difference when it comes to your weight!  Most talking bathroom scales also have a screen readout so that you can verify what you heard with the weight it is displaying.

Finally, you should look for a talking bathroom scale with a large enough surface to stand on and an easy grip on both the top and the bottom to prevent slippage.  You should be able to stand comfortably on the scale without feeling off balance, which can lead you to hold onto a wall and get an inaccurate reading.  

The talking bathroom scale can be very useful, but there are also some on the market that are intended as gag gifts, and make humurous announcements about the user’s weight when they step on.  If you aren’t feeling particularly amused about your weight, you will probably want to avoid these models.  Most of the talking bathroom scale models are much the same in function as other scales, and you should look for the same things you would in a regular scale.  Durability, reliability and of course accuracy are the most important things in any scale.

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