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How to Choose the Best Top Stub Checks

How to Choose the Best Top Stub Checks

When ordering and choosing checks, top stub checks are a great idea for those who want to keep better track of their finances. Whether you’re thinking about a switch to top stub checks or just want to change the design on your top stub checks, here are a few things to consider.

Choosing Top Stub Checks

If you haven’t used top stub checks before, switching to them now will really simplify your bookkeeping. Top stub checks have an extra little tab at the top where you record the important details of the transaction. This tab does not get pulled out with the rest of the check, but stays in your checkbook so you can refer to it later. It does take one extra step while you’re writing the check, but it saves you time in the long run when you need to balance your checkbook!

Consider Purpose & Audience When Choosing Top Stub Checks

One thing to consider when choosing a design for top stub checks is their purpose. If you’re using them for personal transactions, it doesn’t matter what design you choose – you’re memorable enough without a personalized check design, so choose whatever you like and what best expresses you!

If your checks are for your company, though, you should consider your top stub checks to be another area to advertise. People look more closely at checks than they do at business cards, because checks have something of interest to them – money! Your company’s logo, slogan or branding on a check can go a long way toward branding and recognition.

You should also consider your audience when choosing a design for your top stub checks. Many top stub check designs let you express your political or religious views, which many people like for their personal checks, but it may not be a good idea to choose these checks for a business where professionalism matters and you do not know whether the recipients of your checks will share your views.

Other designs let you choose Disney characters or other fun designs, which may or may not be considered professional depending on where your checks will end up. Choosing top stub checks and their designs can be very fun, but you should also think about their intended purpose and audience.

Consider Price & Place to Find the Best Top Stub Checks

There are plenty of places online to buy top stub checks, and you can also get them through your bank. Be careful, though, when choosing top stub checks, to look around for the best deal and price. It is usually cheaper to get them from a website that is not your bank, because they often have deals, bulk offers or just lower prices! Your bank cannot refuse to accept top stub checks that weren’t purchased through them, so don’t worry about ordering your top stub checks from the site that works best for you.

However, simply looking for the best bargain isn’t all it takes to choose your top stub checks. Many online stores that sell top stub checks have different designs, so look around for your favorite one before choosing a design and a place to order from. Other places have different fonts to choose from or let you upload your own photo. Be sure to check around to see what different places charge for these services and choose your top stub checks accordingly.

Choose Between a Custom Designed or Pre-Designed Top Stub Check

Finally, when choosing top stub checks, you can choose how much control over how they look. You can simply choose a design you like and order your top stub checks with that design. Many top stub check providers let you change the font on your checks and some designs come in different color options, so you can tweak your top stub checks to make them all your own without designing them yourself!

If you want to get more adventurous with your top stub check design, there are many places online to upload your own photo for its background. Here, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a photograph of loved ones or pets, your favorite vacation photo, or you can use an image like your company’s logo. If you’re savvy with digital art and design, you can even create your own image from scratch to go on your checks, incorporating color, text, photos and images however you like!

Be careful, though, that when designing your own top stub checks, they come out exactly as you want. Most places that sell top stub checks give you a good way to preview the checks you will be getting, and uploading photos and images is very easy, but designing your own may be risky if your image is too small, too high or the wrong dimensions or resolutions. If you are having problems, check the FAQ or Help section of the website you are using to make sure that your top stub checks come out absolutely perfect.

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