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How to Choose the Best Tower Air Purifier

How to Choose the Best Tower Air Purifier

A tower air purifier is the best way to get the power of a larger air purifier without taking up a lot of space in your home.  The design of the tower air purifier allows it to have a small footprint while still being able to produce a great deal of air cleaning power.  Smaller air purifier models may not be able to properly clean all of the air in your home, but you may find it difficult to find space for a large one, especially in smaller homes, so the tower air purifier is the perfect combination of the two.

There are a large number of tower air purifier models on the market, and they are available in the two main types of air purifier: filtered and ionic.  The filtered type of tower air purifier uses filters to clean your air.  Some use more than one filter.  If this is your choice, you should seek a tower air purifier that uses a certified HEPA filter to remove the most allergens from your home’s air.  Be sure to replace those filters regularly for the best result and to keep you air as clean as possible.

The ionic type of tower air purifier uses a different system of cleaning the air.  An electromagnetic charge pulls the particles out of the air that can cause odors and allergic reactions, and leaves cleaner air in your home.  One of the main problems with this type of air purifier is that it can release ozone into the air, so you should use the purifier only as directed and not run it excessively.

Some of the models combine an ionic cleaner with a filter as well.  A tower air purifier that uses a permanent filter will save you money on the filter replacements, and many of the newer models offer this option.

Whichever tower air purifier type you choose, you will find a variety of price tags attached to them.  The ionic type is generally more expensive, but some of that cost is made up for by the fact that you never have to purchase replacement filters.  It’s a good idea to price out the cost of the filters and see what you can expect to pay for filters over a year of use.  This will give a good idea of what kind of cost savings you are really seeing.  In the long term, a model with a permanent filter is probably the more affordable choice.

You should also look at how many square feet the tower air purifier can clean.  You may need more than one to provide enough air cleaning coverage for your entire home, especially if you have a large home.  If you can find one tower air purifier to do the job, this will save you a great deal of money.

The right tower air purifier for your home should be relatively easy to find with the large selection that is out there.  Choose a highly rated model from a trustworthy brand to ensure you will be happy with the results.

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