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How to Choose the Perfect Outside Thermometer

How to Choose the Perfect Outside Thermometer

Are you in the market for an outside thermometer?  Do you need some tips on how to find the perfect outside thermometer for your home or business?  Purchasing an outside thermometer may seem like an easy task, but with many available options to choose from, you’ll need to have at least some idea when it comes to selecting what type of thermometer you need.  In this article we will describe several different types of outside thermometers to help you make the best selection for your own unique situation.

What is an Outside Thermometer?

Much like the name implies, an outside thermometer is a type of thermometer which will be mounted or used outside your home or business.  This contraption is designed to measure heat, and displays this measurement in terms of Fahrenheit, Celsius or both.  The term thermometer comes from the Greek and is comprised of two smaller words, thermo, meaning “heat,” and meter, meaning “to measure.”

Types of Outside Thermometers

In order to choose the perfect outside thermometer for your home or business, you’ll first need to make some decisions regarding the type of thermometer you want.  Below are just a few examples of the hundreds of different types of outside thermometers available:

  • Standard outside thermometer.  Standard outside thermometers measure the heat outside and usually hang on the wall.  As the heat rises or drops, this thermometer will indicate the changes almost immediately.
  • Jumbo thermometers.  Jumbo thermometers are quickly gaining popularity as the thermometer of choice for many people, largely because they are easy to see and read, even from a great distance or inside your home.  These types of thermometers utilize a large LED display and can either be hung on a wall, suspended or placed in your garden.
  • Thermometer with Humidity Gauge.  If you want to measure the amount of moisture in the air along with the temperature, you’ll probably want to pick up an outside thermometer with a humidity gauge.  These can be large or small and are usually hung on an outside wall for easy reading.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.  If you don’t want to invest in two separate thermometers, one for inside your house and one from outside, you may want to purchase an indoor/outdoor thermometer.  Using wireless capabilities, these types of thermometers can either be placed inside or outside and use sensors to measure the heat in both places.
  • Pool thermometer.  A pool thermometer is another type of outside thermometer and it measures the temperature of the water.  Usually these types of thermometers are hung from the wall of your pool, but they are also available in floating form, some with LED readouts helping you to immediately ascertain the temperature of the water each time you decide to swim.

Outside thermometers can be found at a number of different retail locations, but if you prefer to shop inline, usually a simple search query on your favorite search engine will uncover hundreds, even thousands of results.

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