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How to Choose the Right 24v Power Supply

How to Choose the Right 24v Power Supply

Power to the people!

At least to their electronic devices, toys, musical instruments and an ever growing assortment of other gadgets. Most times these devices are powered via disposable batteries or with internal rechargeable batteries, but there are some that still require a form of constant power feed. As these high end devices need stable power supplies with filtration so there are no sudden power spikes that would damage the solid state electronics, the best way to do this is with a direct current source, or DC power, like a 24v power supply.

State of the art electronics are very susceptible to minute power fluctuations, also known as frequency noise, and can suffer from sudden spikes in power that would burn them up. Direct current allows this as it filters out the high and low sides of the electrical sign wave that most devices that plug into wall outlets use. But in order to harness this form of power you need a device such as a 24v power supply.

Let’s look at where you can find such a device.

Looking at your device, locate the data plate that will tell you what it requires to run. Most times it will show a 24v power supply listed with a small tolerance for over and under voltage. If it does not then you need to make certain the 24v power supply is going to produce a steady and reliable source of power. 24v power supply can usually be supplied by the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, or from one of their recommended suppliers. A quick email or phone call to the company will turn up this information.

There are many sources on the internet that many hobbyists frequent for supplies for different projects. Always check user reviews on that particular model to see what customers think about it before purchasing it. It is a good idea to check out forum sites for what you need a 24v power supply for to ask or see what they recommend using. Many times you can pick up a power supply off of trade or for sale sections. Sometimes you can find power supplies through online auction sites or classified sections. Always make certain you can get a guarantee on it if it doesn’t work.

If you do not feel comfortable buying one sight unseen, you can look through the phone book under electrical supply stores or medical supply stores to see if they have a power supply available to purchase. Most times they may even have a scratch and dent sales area that can get you a good power supply if you do not mind a few cosmetic scratches or a missing box. As companies are always looking to secure government sponsored tax write offs, they may upgrade equipment to meet the changing power regulations or modernization credits. This means they may have older power supplies that they may want to sell or get rid of for free, just ask nicely and see what they say.

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