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How to Choose the Right Coaxial Cable Splitter

How to Choose the Right Coaxial Cable Splitter

A coaxial cable splitter allows you to split the signal from the one cable line entering your home in order use multiple cable devices as the same time. For example, if you have both cable television and cable internet, you probably want the ability to use them both simultaneously. A coaxial cable splitter allows this without any difficult wiring changes.

Much like a power bar that offers multiple electric outlets in one device can allow you to plug more things into the same outlet than you could otherwise do, a coaxial cable splitter lets you plug more than one thing into your coaxial cable line. You simply attach it to the main cable line, and then attach your cable devices to the multiple prongs that extend from it in order to split the signal.

Using a coaxial cable splitter is perfectly legal – you are simply using the cable line you are paying for to power all of the cable devices you have in your home. This is not like splitting a cable line to get free cable to another home. In fact, it is likely that the cable company used a coaxial cable splitter when they installed the cable in your home.

The right coaxial cable splitter for your needs depends on how many cable lines you need to run to different devices. They start at 2-way and run all the way up to 16-way splitters. For most residential uses, something in the range of a 2-way to a 4-way splitter is generally all that is needed. If you have only one television using cable and one internet connection, then a 2-way splitter will suit your needs. If you also have a Voice Over IP (VOIP) cable telephone line, you will need a third prong and thus a 3-way splitter.

If you aren’t certain which type of coaxial cable splitter is right for your needs, ask your cable company for some advice. They can tell you what exactly you need and even help you get it installed and working correctly. In many cases, they will install it for you when they hook up your cable television or internet. Using splitters is relatively simple, however, and for most people installing one is not much of a challenge. As long as you can tell where to attach each cable line, there is nothing much to it beyond attaching the line to the prong.

With a multitude of choices on the market and the cost of the coaxial cable splitter dropped dramatically from the early years of cable, they are affordable and easy to locate. Your local electronics store should have a good selection, and the staff there will be able to help you select the one that works best for your needs.

A coaxial cable splitter is the simple and affordable way to get the most out of your cable line and ensure that you don’t lose signal strength or have to switch back and forth between cable devices. It will allow you to use all of your cable electronics with ease.

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