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How to Choose the Right Import Car Insurance

How to Choose the Right Import Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance is never the most fun thing to do, but shopping for import car insurance can be even more difficult. If you are choosing to have a car imported from another country that is not a model usually sold in the United States, you will need to think about how you plan to insure that car. Just like any other car, an import must carry insurance in order to be legally on the street. Import car insurance is similar to collector or classic car insurance in that it requires a specialized type of policy, and not every insurance company offers this type of policy.

There are a few things you need to consider before you start shopping for import car insurance. The country from which you are importing the car is one of these factors. If you are buying a car from Canada, you may find the process somewhat simplified due to similarities between the two countries rules. Remember though that there are still differences! Some of the issues you will run into with import cars are different emissions standards, speedometers in kilometers rather than in miles per hour, and of course the biggest and most obvious difference you will run into – cars that are right hand drive.

When you call around for quotes on import car insurance you will need to have a list of these things ready so that your agent can take them into consideration. Some companies will not offer you import car insurance until you have made the needed modifications to bring the car to the United States standards on all counts. Some will not insurance a right hand drive car. It’s important to know these things right away so you don’t waste your time trying to get import car insurance quotes from companies who can not even offer you a policy.

Import car insurance can be expensive because of the specialized nature of the policy. It’s important to shop around and get multiple quotes so that you know you are getting a fair deal when you accept a policy. You should be sure to have your import car insurance policy set up and ready to go before you try to bring the car into the country; you may run into complications with customs if you aren’t prepared to show proof of insurance.

Make sure that the import car insurance policy you select provides you will all of the necessary legal coverage as well as appropriate coverage for the value of the car. Remember that it might require an appraisal or other outside method of valuation since the car will likely not appear on any of the lists insurance companies usually use to put a dollar value on a vehicle. This is another reason to look for a company with a great deal of experience in import car insurance; they will know how to properly value your car and make sure that you get the right coverage from the start so there are no nasty surprises if you have a claim later.

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