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How to Eliminate Snoring

How to Eliminate Snoring

While in many situations, snoring is treated as a humorous bodily function, for many people, snoring is a serious problem. Not only can snoring cause marital issues, lack of sleep, throat pain, and other inconveniences, but the stress and exhaustion that results from snoring can also be damaging to your health in other ways. Fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate snoring from you or your partner’s life. Almost everybody snores at some point in their life, and affects over 33% of people for an extended period of time. Luckily, snoring is usually a symptom of a larger issue and once you identify what that issue is, finding a way to eliminate snoring can be pretty easy.

Snoring is caused by a restricted flow of oxygen in the passageway between the nose and throat or in the passageway between the throat and lungs. The first step to eliminate snoring is to identify what is causing this restricted airflow. Often, snoring is only temporary and goes away once a cold or allergy clears up. But if yours persists it could be due to pre-bedtime habits or excess tissue in the nose or throat blocking the air passage. Other causes include sleeping at an awkward angle or in a position that doesn’t allow your head enough elevation, causing your throat to stretch and narrow. This creates a sort of friction in the movement of oxygen resulting in that obnoxious choking sound. This might be due to sleeping with thin pillows, or sleeping on your back. Other causes could be asthma or smoking, which cause a contraction in the passageways and can irritate the tissue in the throat and sinuses causing swelling. Overweight individuals are common snorers because of the excess fatty tissue in their throats, which also narrows the passageway and prevents oxygen from traveling through. Another common cause of snoring is drinking alcohol or taking sedatives before falling asleep. These drugs cause relaxation of the muscles in the throat, and allow the tongue to fall back into the throat, also restricting airflow. Other medical conditions can contribute to snoring as well, but these tend to be the most common causes.

If you think that one of these is the cause of your snoring, then fixing the problem is as easy as making an effort to reverse that cause. If you’re sleeping in a position that causes you to snore, try sleeping on your side. Many manufacturers make pillows that support your neck and head and help to eliminate snoring. If asthma or smoking is the cause of your snoring, you can talk to your doctor about medication that can help reduce swelling and irritation. Some nasal sprays can also help to reduce swelling, while introducing a humidifier into your bedroom at night might help to reduce dryness and irritation. It’s also a good idea to avoid drinking dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, or other liquids that might interact with your body in ways that causes snoring. Drinking hot tea instead can help soothe your muscles and eliminate snoring.

If none of these seems to help, or if you still can’t determine what is causing your snoring, don’t despair! It is still possible for you to eliminate snoring. If your snoring persists, speak to your doctor about other options like surgery, prescription medications, or breathing machines. Snoring is a curable problem, but if you allow it to continue, it could become worse or cause any number of other medical issues. So don’t wait for it to go away. Try one of the solutions or speak to your doctor, and before you know it your snoring will be gone!

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