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How to Find Answering Service Jobs

How to Find Answering Service Jobs

For those looking to make some extra money from home, either as a night job or for a stay at home parent, answering service jobs are a great option.  Just about anyone can do them, and there are a number of different areas in which you can work.  Answering service jobs are mainly work from home jobs that are perfect for anyone who needs extra income, or even needs to make a decent wage while staying home.

Some of the answering service jobs out there include those in the medical industry and those working for self-employed business people who don’t have full time staff to answer phones for them.  Small companies also use answering services to provide extra support staff when needed.  Most of the answering service jobs out there don’t require any special training, but they do require that you have a pleasant phone voice and the ability to communicate effectively with people who are calling. 

Answering service jobs in the medical industry usually involve answering after-hours calls to clinics and private practices and paging on-call doctors and nurses when needed.  Many clinics provide a 24 hour answering service, and this makes a great night job opportunity for anyone who needs extra cash, or wants to work opposite hours from a spouse in order to save on child care.  These jobs are often listed in traditional job search locations, and if you want to locate medical answering services jobs specifically, you should be sure to search the medical field listings.  This type of work is generally quite steady and much sought after.

Plenty of other answering service jobs are available out there as well; simply search job sites like monster.com or the classifieds on craigslist.  There are some companies that specialize in provided answering services to people who need them.  You can apply through the company who will then locate answering service jobs for you as they become available.  Jobs may be short-term, but once you are signed on with the company you will be contacted whenever work is available.

Answering service jobs do require that you be available to answer the phone in a relatively quiet environment, so if you plan to work from home you will likely need a dedicated office space that is quiet.  For people with young children, working nights is often the best choice when it comes to answering service jobs.  Fortunately, there are many available night time answering service jobs to fit that requirement.

Remember that there are a lot of people looking to work from home and you will probably find a lot of competition for answering service jobs.  To increase your chances, be sure to clean up your resume and apply to plenty of available positions.  Persistence will often pay off when it comes to getting answering service jobs.  Once you get started, you will find that more work in the industry is easier to find.  Although there is no experience necessary to get started, some experience is always a good thing when it comes to getting the job you want!

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