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How to Find Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

How to Find Hotels With Jacuzzi In Room

For a romantic evening away, a honeymoon or any other special vacation, hotels with jacuzzi in room are a great way to enjoy the perfect evening.  If you are searching for hotels with jacuzzi in room to make your getaway with someone special extra romantic, you might not know where to start.  Not all hotels with jacuzzi in room advertise the availability, and it can be hard to search for them effectively using a search engine.  Fortunately, there are some ways to locate the hotel you are seeking.

A good place to start your search for hotels with jacuzzi in room is to find a website that provides reviews of hotels and does top ten lists as well.  A search for a top ten list of the most romantic hotels in your destination is a guaranteed way to find at least a few hotels with jacuzzi in room.  Usually the hotels that are rated best for honeymoons, anniversaries and romantic getaways are the ones most likely to provide jacuzzi rooms.  Go through the list and look for mentions of jacuzzis; odds are they will be right there in the description.

Another way to find your choice of hotels with jacuzzi in room is to use a hotel search that lets you enter precisely the amenities you are seeking.  Many of the large lodging search websites will have an in room jacuzzi as one of the options you can check off.  This will return only search results for hotels that do in fact offer rooms with a jacuzzi.  You can immediately narrow down your selections this way.

If you are still having some trouble finding just the right hotel, try some different search terms.  Many hotels with jacuzzi in room refer to the rooms as jacuzzi suites, as usually only the larger suites offer a private jacuzzi.  Some will also use the term in-suite jacuzzi or in room hot tub.  Using different search terms can come up with different results, so try different combinations of terms to get more results.

Another easy way to find the right hotels with jacuzzi in room is to call a travel agent.  Because they have an extended knowledge of the hotels they work with, they will likely know easily which hotels have just what you are seeking.  As an added bonus, the travel agent can take care of booking that hotel room for you right then and there, taking another task off your to-do list, which can be long when planning a vacation.

Remember the hotels with jacuzzi in room are generally a bit more expensive than the standard hotel room, so be prepared to pay a higher rate than you would for a standard room.  They are also often more high end hotels, which have higher rates to begin with.  A romantic getaway with your partner will be worth every penny, however, so don’t let the cost deter you from finding great hotels with jacuzzi in room where you can relax and enjoy your special night or vacation.

Photo courtesy of InterContinental Hong Kong.

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