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How to Find International Sales Jobs

How to Find International Sales Jobs

International sales jobs can be exciting, exotic and highly rewarding. For anyone in sales, the dream of travelling the world and making great money at the same time is certainly at the top of the list. There are plenty of international sales jobs out there for those who have the skills and the experience as well as the ambition that is required to work successfully in this highly competitive job market.

International sales jobs are not for the shy, but then most people in sales are already the outgoing type. Still, it takes a specific set of skills to be truly successful in this area of sales, because it means dealing with people from all around the world and in many different countries. Dealing with new languages, customs and habits takes patience, a willingness to learn and a great deal of tact and learning on the go. If you feel that you have all of these personality traits as well as a true desire to achieve, international sales jobs might just be the right gig for you.

Of course, if you are already in sales the best place to find international sales jobs is to apply within your company for a position abroad or a traveling position. This will only be possible if your company is already international, unless they are planning an expansion. This can actually bode well for anyone who likes to be on the cutting edge, because new international sales jobs within the company are a chance to really prove yourself and take the helm of an expansion operation.

If your company does not have any international offices or any intention of expanding, then you will have to apply elsewhere in order to locate international sales jobs. Your best bet is to narrow down a list of international companies with sales positions available and then focus on your applications to these firms. When it comes to international sales jobs, you don’t want to work for just anyone. Look for stable companies whose international branches are doing well; you don’t want to find yourself getting the international position of your dreams only to be shipped back home in a few months when the international office closes.

When you apply for international sales jobs, be sure to make clear mention of any skills you have that will stand you in good stead in that type of position. For example, if you speak another language or have spent a great deal of time in a certain area of the world already, this will give you an edge in international sales jobs that are located in that particular area. The competition for international sales jobs can be stiff, so anything that can make you stand out as a candidate will help get you the interview you need.

International sales jobs can be glamorous and fun, but remember that they do require a lot of time away from home. Ensure that this is something you really are ok with before you apply, especially if you have a family.

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