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How to Find the Best Houston Florist

How to Find the Best Houston Florist

If you live in the Houston area and often purchase flowers for loved ones or just to decorate your home, you will want to know how to locate the best Houston florist.  A good florist makes all the difference when it comes to getting the freshest and most beautiful flowers.  While you can certainly purchase flowers at your local grocery store, flowers from a  good Houston florist will have bigger and better blooms and will last longer due to their freshness and quality.

A good Houston florist will have access to the best growers across the country and bring in the freshest in-season flowers all the time.  This means keeping a stock on hand of not just the tried and true favorites like red roses and carnations, but also some more unique and interesting flower choices as well.  Having access to the great selection that a quality Houston florist can offer means that you can choose new bouquets, different colors and unique combinations all of the time.

A good Houston florist will not just have the stock, but also the knowledge to create the beautiful arrangements that people expect from a high quality florist.  This means skill in putting together bouquets, matching up colors, sizes and adding greenery.  It also means skill in things like wedding and funeral flowers, which require special arranging skill.

One of the best ways to find a great Houston florist is by word of mouth.  Ask people who purchase flowers frequently where they buy them.  Try your friends and family but also try the people who really know the best in flowers such as wedding planners.  Ask the person who purchases the fresh flowers in your office, church or even your doctor’s office where they obtained them.  Chances are good they have a line on a great Houston florist who can help you as well.

The internet is another great resource for finding the best Houston florist.  Read as many reviews as you can – sites like Citysearch allow people to post reviews of all kinds of companies.  It’s not just restaurants anymore, now you can read reviews of the best- and worst – Houston florists as well.  Remember that every company will occasionally have an unhappy customer, so it’s wise to disregard the odd poor review if the rest are glowing.

Of course, the only way to really determine if you will be happy with your choice of Houston florist is to try it out.  Remember that there are plenty of florists to choose from in a city as large as Houston, and there is no reason to keep going to a florist who does not completely satisfy you.  Take the time to find the florist who combines skill, selection and customer service to provide you with the best in floral arrangements every time you need one.  Fresh flowers are expensive and are usually purchased as a special gift.  Make sure that gift is truly special by locating the best Houston florist to provide you with the most beautiful and long lasting blooms.

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