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How to Get Maryland License Plates

How to Get Maryland License Plates

Whether you are moving to Maryland or just getting your first car, you will need to get your Maryland license plates. The procedure for obtaining Maryland license plates is relatively simple. You will just need the appropriate documentation, and you will need to select your choice of the Maryland license plates that are available.

When You Move to Maryland

When you arrive in Maryland from another state, you will have 60 days to obtain Maryland license plates. The procedure for getting your Maryland license plates involves registering and titling your vehicle in Maryland. You will need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle, fill out the application form, and present a safety certificate that was issued within the last 90 days. After all of this has been processed, you will receive your Maryland license plates. New license plates may be immediately available to you at the MVA (Motor Vehicles Administration) when you transfer the title, or they may need to be mailed to you after the application process is complete.

Specialty Maryland License Plates

The state of Maryland offers a large number of specialty plates. You can get a custom, personalized plate, or choose Maryland license plates with a specialty image. The Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural Maryland license plates are popular options. Many different groups have been approved to use their own special design on Maryland license plates, and qualifying for one of these plates requires special permission. Maryland license plates are also available honoring military service and for disabled veterans. Applying for these Maryland license plates require special applications and may involve higher fees. Vanity plates will need to be approved by the MVA before they are issued, and you may be asked to provide an explanation of the phrase or letters used on your personal plate to ensure it complies with state laws.

When You Buy A New Car

When you purchase a new car from a dealer, they will usually handle the paperwork to obtain your Maryland license plates. Before you drive home in your new purchase, the dealer will have you sign all the needed documents. They will provide you with either a temporary cardboard plate, or in some cases you will be given new Maryland license plates right away. If a temporary version is issued, you can expect your Maryland license plates to arrive not long after the purchase.

A purchase from a dealer out of state will usually require you to fill out the application for Maryland license plates yourself. Purchasing a used car from a dealer usually goes similarly to a new car purchase. Once your new Maryland license plates arrive, you should affix them securely to your car immediately.

Maryland license plates are required by law to be on your vehicle that is registered in Maryland at all times. You should obtain new ones as soon as you purchase a new car or move to Maryland. Start the process of obtaining your Maryland license plates right away, as it may take some time for them to arrive in some situations.

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