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How to Get Your Painting Contractors License

How to Get Your Painting Contractors License

If you are a professional painter, you will need a painting contractor’s license in most states in order to legally work as a painter.  This license means a number of things; that your clients can trust you to do a good job, that you have the skill and experience to do the job right, and that you are responsible for all of the work you do.  A painting contractor’s license shows potential clients that you are recognized by the state as someone who is dedicated to providing good service as a painter.  There are many jobs that you will be eligible for with your painting contractor’s license that you may not otherwise be able to be hired for.

Getting a painting contractor’s license is relatively simple, and the process that you will need to go through depends on the state in which you live.  In most cases, you will simply need to fill out some paperwork and pay a fee to cover the processing of your paperwork.  You will also most likely be required to provide the licensing agency with proof that you have all of the required insurance and other coverage that the law states everyone with a painting contractor’s license should have.  In most states this will include liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance for anyone working on the job site alongside you.

In some states you may be required to work a certain number of years under an experienced painter who is licensed in order to obtain your own painting contractors license.  The best way to verify this is to contact the licensing agency in your state and find out exactly what all of the requirements are.  This will allow you to go in prepared and ensure you have all of the needed documentation and experience that will allow you to successfully apply for a painting contractors license.  

Your painting contractors license will probably need to be renewed every year.  You will probably be required to provide proof each year that you continue to meet the eligibility standards for the licensure.  It is important that you are certain not to let your license expire, because re-applying for a painting contractors license is almost always more complicated than simply renewing and may cost extra as well.  Keeping your license up to date means you will be able to continue working as a painter without any problems. 

Many people will not hire a painter who does not have a valid painting contractors license.  A licensed painter can also charge more for services than an unlicensed one.  It is always a good choice to obtain your painting contractors license if possible, especially if painting is your chosen career.  The best jobs in the industry always go to licensed contractors, and you will make a much better living by obtaining that license.  Your license number should appear on your business cards and all other paperwork so that clients can refer to it if needed; it is your ticket to being a respected painter.

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