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How to Install a Petsafe Cat Flap

How to Install a Petsafe Cat Flap

Installing a PetSafe cat flap can provide your cat with access to any room in your house without the need to keep all of the doors in your home open. If, for example, you keep your cat’s litter box in your garage or laundry room a cat flap can prove to be the ideal choice for your cats and way your home smells!

Installing The Cat Flap

Once you have selected the appropriate sized Petsafe cat flap and have unpacked it at home you are sure to notice that each product comes with directions from the manufacturer. Be sure to closely follow the directions from the manufacturer – which will go much like the following instructions.

  • Your cat flap should be approximately four to six inches higher than the bottom of the door; this is to ensure that you cat can easily walk through the cat flap without getting stuck. If you have a cat who is perhaps either shorter than average or is overweight then his belly might be lower to the ground. Taking this into consideration, you may wish to install your Petsafe cat flap at a lower height to accommodate all of your cats comfortably.
  • Using a pencil, mark the starting point of the cat flap on your intended door in the position you wish to install it – most cat owners prefer to install the door in the middle of the door; however, you should install it in the position that works best for you.
  • Refer to the instructions that came with your cat flap; your Petsafe cat flap packaging will include a paper template that can be taped to your door in order to show you where you will need to drill holes. Align the paper template with the pencil line that you drew on the door and tape it in place. Drill holes where indicated on the template. Remove the template and brush clean.
  • Using a rule and your pencil, connect the drill holes to form the outline of the opening for your Petsafe cat flap. Using a small handheld jigsaw, cut out the marked square from your door and remove the door piece. Smooth out the inner edges of the hole using sandpaper.
  • Place the frame of the cat flap over the cutout hole and ensure that the flap can move without getting caught. Using your pencil, mark the four screw holes that will help to secure the flap to your door. Using your drill, drill the screw holes through the door.
  • Following the manufacturer’s directions, attach the cat flap to your door by screwing it into place. Test the flap again to ensure that it can open and close without a problem.
  • Once the Petsafe cat flap has been installed, you can start to teach your cat how to use it. Favorite treats and a toy or two can encourage him to push through the flap to reach the other side.

Consider purchasing one or more Petsafe replacement flaps – especially if you have more than one cat. Your cat flap door might get damaged over the course of a few years and it could prove to be frustrating if you suddenly find yourself without a working cat flap!

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