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How to Install Outdoor Speaker Wire

How to Install Outdoor Speaker Wire

Outdoor speakers are a great way to improve your outdoor experience, whether by providing music for enjoyment, sound to drown out unpleasant background noises like noisy neighborhood dogs or nearby traffic-heavy roads, or even to serve as an intercom system. They can be used privately, for your own home, or publically, for a business. But professional installation is costly and forces you to be available based on someone else’s schedule. Instead, you can install your own outdoor speakers, mounting them in the proper place and running the wire for perfect sound when you need it.

First, you will want to plan out the location of the speakers. How many speakers do you want? If it’s for an intercom system, you’ll want them placed where the people you need to communicate with will most likely be. If it’s for music, you’ll want multiple spaced around to provide the fullest sound possible. If it’s to drown out background noises, you may want them even more spaced out to provide the most effective coverage of your space. Once you’ve identified where you want the speakers, you need to plan out where the wire will run. You’ll want to avoid the busiest walkways. If you have a garden, running the outdoor speaker wire along the edge of the garden helps ensure that there will be less travel over the buried wire. 

Next, you will need to purchase the speakers and the correct wire. Since this is for outdoor use, you will need to find outdoor speaker wires specifically manufactured for this sort of purpose. These will be specially made to withstand weather and be more durable. You will also need the right gauge for the distance you will be running the outdoor speaker wire. You can consult with the supplier of the wire, who will be able to guide you to the correct gauge.

When you get home, set the speakers in place and connect the wires to your sound system so you can test the system out before the wires are inaccessible. Once everything is working correctly, make the connections between wires and speakers waterproof by using a silicone caulk. This will keep your system secure and safe even in bad weather. Before sealing it, however, you will want to make sure you’ve allowed enough length in the wires to run underground. If you only measure them based on the surface, they will be too short. You need to add about another foot to allow for the distance into the ground and back out on the other end. You will then need to dig the trench for the outdoor speaker wire to be buried in. It doesn’t need to be very wide, but it should be at least six inches deep to protect the wire and make sure it doesn’t accidentally become uncovered.

Once the trench is dug and cleared of rocks and roots, you can lay the outdoor speaker wire. Run it through the length of the trench, making sure it still easily connects everywhere it needs to. With the wire in place, you can then re-fill the trench with dirt, packing it down tightly to keep it secure.

An outdoor speaker system can add a great finishing touch to your garden, home, or business. Rather than having someone else come and install the system for you, it’s a snap to install your own, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor sound experience in a faster and more cost-efficient way.

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