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How to Mount a Boat Flag Pole

How to Mount a Boat Flag Pole

Spending time on the ocean or on area lakes during the summer is a wonderful way to spend time with your friends and family members. The installation of a boat flag pole can prove to beneficial for a variety of reasons, including showing your patriotic pride and alerting other boaters to the fact that there are divers in the water off of your boat. While you can certainly pay a handyman to come out to the docks and install your flag pole, installing it yourself is an easy process if you have the right tools. So why not save a bit of money and do the mounting job yourself?

The Selection Of Your Flag Pole

Because your boat is constantly exposed to a wide variety of outdoor elements it is important that the new flag pole for your boat is very durable and is sure to be resistant to the effects of being exposed to constant water, wind, and sun.

You may find that your type of boat flag pole comes with instructions to treat it with a durable poly-finish every year so be sure to follow the instructions that accompany your new flag pole in order to extend the life of your boat’s flag pole. It could prove to be a very tiresome and frustrating process to have to replace the flag pole after a few short years – especially when keeping it from rusting is a very easy and inexpensive process.

Another consideration that boat owners should keep in mind is that the size of their new flag pole should be in relative size to their boat; for example, if you have a 10ft boat then a 10ft flat pole hardly seems practical! Keep the flag pole within the realms of being sized reasonably.

Before you make your final selection, be sure that you already have a firm idea as to where you will be mounting the flag pole – your selected flag pole installation kit should make it easy to mount the pole where you are planning to put it – whether you intend to mount it to the deck of your boat or onto one of the side rails.

You will have one of several material choices to decide from:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Treated Hardwood

Be sure that your selection is suitable for the type of weather that your area experiences and also that it fits neatly in with your boat’s appearance.

The Installation Process

The majority of boat flag pole kits will include detailed instructions that will help to guide you through the installation process. However, no matter what type of kit you have, the basic details will remain the same.

  • Thoroughly clean and dry the area where your boat flag pole is to be mounted
  • Using a pencil, line up the mount to where it will be installed and mark the installation drill holes
  • Predrill the holes to make the installation process easier
  • Carefully place the flag pole mount in the right position and attach it to your boat, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once your boat flag pole has been installed you can now put up your flags of choice – you can never go wrong with a patriotic choice; or perhaps even a flag to show your support for your favorite sports team!

Photo courtesy of dirkx.

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